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Social media feeds contribute to meaningful recognition

Hi there, A Advisor,

I’ve been looking into some employee recognition programs for my company, and I notice that some of them resemble social media sites; they even have a newsfeed like Facebook or Twitter. If a recognition program operates like social media sites, I don’t see how my employees will take it seriously—won’t it just be a game? I want my employees to engage with our company’s values, and I don’t want them to recognize frivolously. What’s the benefit?


All Work, No Play

Dear AWNP,

An employee recognition program that makes recognitions public can be a very powerful tool!

A recognition newsfeed makes recognition public, and when recognition is public it holds employees accountable to send meaningful messages on a recognition platform. Employees are motivated to align their messages with corporate values when a public newsfeed allows colleagues, supervisors, and managers to read, comment on, and respond to recognitions. It’s the perfect tool to guide employees to use an employee recognition program effectively.

Social media also plays a vital role in recognition. A significant component of employee engagement is facilitating an employee’s personal investment in the corporate culture. Employee recognition programs support an employee’s involvement in the company as a professional community. Public newsfeeds can reflect and reinforce significant company events and celebrations of company values.

Social media and public recognition are a winning combination for employee engagement. Employees want their efforts to be recognized in order to feel engaged with their workplace. Social media and recognition newsfeeds provide public forums to facilitate employee engagement across an organization.

Have a great day achieving!

The A Advisor

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