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  1. I found the article very useful. Some of the things you mentioned int his article are easily solved by using a creative tool that is targeted towards millennial work culture. I would like to share approach, we have taken for better employee engagement with StreetCelebs@work. Its like a giant billboard within your organization for Corporate Celebs by which employees can share moments for success, teamwork etc.It can serve the purpose of online real time magazine owned by employees in a intuitive manner. Also, employees can challenge each other to gamify work related endorsements such as work-life balance, teamwork, health or a new project. Let me know if you have any feedback and i will be happy to hear your feedback.
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  2. Employee engagement is certainly to be taken earnestly. Conducting engagement surveys also have a great impact. it helps employers understand employee better and prove to be obliging in long-term. Online survey tools like thymometrics, questionpro, sogosurvey helps in creating such surveys.

    1. Thank you Ryan for sharing and commenting! 🙂 It’s so important to focus on ways to boost employee engagement and we definitely agree engagement surveys are a great way to make an impact.

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