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Achievers fall product release – what’s new?

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by Rachel Heller, Technical Writer at Achievers

Making employee milestones matter

The newest addition to our end-to-end Celebrations offering for service anniversaries, the Celebration Card, makes celebrating employee milestones like service anniversaries not just easy for HR, who carry the bulk of the administrative burden, but also for managers and employees who are typically left to put something together to mark the occasion.

With Celebrations and the new Celebration Card, all of the personal stories that celebrate an employee’s unique path are brought to life by colleagues in one social, interactive digital card. Messages and videos from fellow employees are shared on a personalized page, uniquely tailoring the experience.  Anyone in the company can be invited to participate. And when the day arrives, celebrations are published on the Newsfeed to extend the reach of the moment. That means the celebration is not just between one manager or team and the employee—it’s with the entire organization.

Carrying the celebration forward with something to remember it by – whether a certificate, commemorative item, gift, points, or all of the above – is fully automated. With Celebrations the process and experience are streamlined within one consolidated platform, allowing entire organizations to celebrate and recognize milestones and anniversaries all in one place.

Employee recognition on the go: Updates to Achievers Mobile for iPhone® and Android™

Achievers Mobile puts the Employee Success Platform directly into the hands of employees — no matter where they are. Our native apps for iPhone and Android are benchmarked against some of the best large-brand consumer-grade apps. They offer a high quality experience and a dynamic, user-friendly design – including push notifications, offline access, animations, voice typing, and video recognition – enabling employees to connect with colleagues and recognize achievements in real time.

Give sales managers the tools to exceed targets

Results Driver for Sales enables leaders to easily define and launch incentive campaigns. Our Fall Release contains several major enhancements to Results Driver including a new user experience and additional campaign management tools.

Employee success starts with access

We’re dedicated to making social recognition and rewards accessible to everyone, regardless of how they prefer to access the Platform.  Adding on to the Platform’s existing accessible navigation, the Newsfeed is now optimized and enabled for screen reader access (JAWS compatible).

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