Agile Engineering

When we started Achievers Tech Talks, our goal was to give back to the Toronto tech community. Since then, we’ve been sharing the things we’ve learned while building and scaling the Achievers platform. As our community continues to grow, we want to extend our talks to rockstar speakers from other companies and organizations.

VP of Engineering at Xtreme Labs, Farhan Thawar, was named one of “Toronto’s Top 25 Most Powerful People In 2010”. Before joining the Xtreme team, Farhan held the positions of Chief Software Architect at I Love Rewards, Head of Search & MSN Platform for Microsoft Canada and Technical Lead at Trilogy Software. A programming guru, Farhan uses his wealth of industry and mobile expertise to mentor aspiring tech startups.

At Xtreme Labs, Agile is not an engineering process, it’s a way of life. In addition to practicing Agile engineering, they have a flat management hierarchy and employ a ‘Do-ocracy’ mantra. In just under five years, Xtreme Labs grew from a start-up to a 200+ employee company. Its success is due in part to their ability to move quickly and deliver products efficiently. In this Achievers Tech Talk, Farhan addresses how Xtreme’s development processes, company structure, and policies have enabled them to grow rapidly while producing quality products.

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