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Achievers’ employee voice and recognition solutions bring your organization’s values and strategy to life by activating employee participation and accelerating a culture of performance. Achievers leverages the science behind behavior change, so your people and your organization can experience sustainable, data-driven business results. To learn more, visit

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  • Entrepreneurship Series: Growth Hacks

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    How do ridiculously successful software applications grow and spread to users like wildfire? What psychological and technical strategies do you need to make this happen?...

  • Entrepreneurship Series: Enduring Companies

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    Achievers Tech Talks is ecstatic to launch our Entrepreneurship Speaker Series, catering to both Toronto start-up and technical audiences. The first instalment in the series features...

  • Agile Engineering

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    When we started Achievers Tech Talks, our goal was to give back to the Toronto tech community. Since then, we’ve been sharing the things we’ve...

  • Profiling Web Applications

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    We’ve all been there. The production system grinds to a halt, and it’s up to you to fix it. But where do you start when...

  • Web Security

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    Are you confident that your web application is secure? Puzzled when it comes to cross-site scripting? SQL injection? Cross-site request forgery? Most developers have only...

  • PHP Web Framework Battle

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    Choosing a web framework is like buying toothpaste. Every option has outrageous benefits and a religious following. Furthermore, they’re all trying to solve the same...

  • MySQL Query Optimization

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    Wish you were a MySQL ninja? Think only DBAs should worry about query optimization? Want to know what happens behind the scenes when you SELECT...

  • Scaling High Traffic Web Applications

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    Most users expect web pages to load within two seconds. As users multiply, this expectation does not change. For that reason, scalability is important in...

  • Real-Time Feedback vs. Annual Reviews: A Showdown

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    The performance review process is undergoing a revolution. One by one, mega-corporations like GE, Adobe, Accenture, Microsoft, and Netflix are announcing they’re scrapping their annual rankings- or ratings-based...

  • 7 ways to reduce employee stress around the holidays

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    The holiday season is a cheery time, filled with lights, presents, and time with loved ones. Unfortunately, it’s also a stressful and exhausting time for employees trying to balance work...