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[Webinar] HRE: “Outbehave” your competition to create customers for life


World-class companies are world-class for many reasons: a network of fiercely loyal customers, ready to defend the brand at any moment; a product or service line that’s constantly innovating the space and providing customer value; and high-performing employees who sing the brand’s praises both inside and outside its walls. And at the core of all of these winning attributes is one thing: engaged employees who are motivated and committed to acting in the company’s best interest. Every day.

In our upcoming webinar with HRE, “ENGAGED!Read More

“Triumph Over Disengagement” featuring Gartner’s research on the latest insights on social employee recognition programs

Achievers_Gartner_Blog_500x500The latest Achievers Newsletter, “Triumph Over Disengagement: Improve Engagement with Recognition,” featuring Gartner research, provides deep insight into the changing landscape of employee reward and engagement programs. Based on the proliferation of emerging technologies, HR and business leaders have begun to see a migration from traditional reward programs to “social-enabled technologies that support pay-for-performance strategies and align recognition and reward initiatives with company and brand culture.”

The article cites recent research that supports the growing popularity of and need for social employee recognition technology, as well as the benefits of new social employee recognition programs that make use of newer technologies such as social, mobile, information and cloud technology over old-school strategies:

“The fundamental shift driving these new social reward and recognition programs is the acknowledgement that regular recognition and feedback drive employee engagement and employee success, which in turn propels customer success and improve business outcomes.Read More

Best of 2013—check out the most popular ways to engage, align, and recognize your workforce

talent_managementIt was a big year for Employee Success™. In 2013, more employees went mobile than ever before (75 percent of North American workers are!) and became globally dispersed (30 percent of the workforce is remote, and counting) and the workforce moved closer to a Millennial-dominated demographic (coming in 2020). With these major workforce changes, the pressure is on for employers to engage, align, and recognize their A-players.

Throughout the year, we gathered and reported our readers with research on the growing need for Employee Success platforms, best practices for engaging all types of workforces, and a whole lot of insights into HR, technology, and the changing landscape of the workplace.→ Read More

[Webinar] How to shape up your wellness program to drive success

employee_retentionToday, more than 75 percent of the North American workforce is mobile, causing work and life to be more intertwined than ever, and as a result, our work environments and our well-being are becoming more inextricably linked. Throughout 2013, Gallup posted the results of year-round surveys revealing “Americans’ mental state, exercise and eating habits, healthcare coverage, physical health, and financial wellbeing.” The findings—summarized here in a “Top 10” list—indicated a number of wellness factors that contribute to a higher quality of life, including gainful employment, smoking, regular exercise, and engagement in the workplace.→ Read More

Looking ahead: How can we help you achieve success in 2014?

Happy almost New Year! It was an incredible year here at Achievers, especially for our [engage] community! In 2013, we dove deep into Employee Success™, discussing employee engagement, alignment, retention, performance management, and recruitment. We also shared some of our best practices regarding company culture, current HR trends, and celebrating success!

In 2014, we can’t wait to bring our audience—YOU!—even more of the relevant content you’re used to seeing from Achievers.→ Read More

5 strategies to achieve Employee Success™ through executive buy-in

goalsIn last week’s webinar, “Achieving Employee Success™ through executive buy-in,” Achievers’ COO/CFO David Brennan explained the importance of an employee engagement strategy, as well as best practices for achieving executive buy-in to initiate an Employee Success™ program. If there’s one thing we learned, it’s that data is king: your c-suite is focused on numbers, cutting costs, and increasing your company’s ROI. In order to get executive buy-in, show them concrete data that keeps the bottom-line in mind and uses real examples from your current workforce.→ Read More

Gratitude is good for business: 5 tips to achieve Employee Success™


In response to the cringe-worthy raucous of Black Friday, the world celebrated “Giving Tuesday” this week, soliciting millions in charitable donations from do-gooders across the globe. But those gracious givers may have been in it for something other than a selfless helping hand—as it turns out, “Giving Tuesday” is actually a day to be selfish! That’s right, giving back makes people feel good, and people who donate their money (or time, or kind words) to others actually gain a lot more in the form of a piping cup of happiness with a side of boosted confidence.→ Read More

[Slideshare] HR + Technology: A Love Story

HR + Technology: A Love StoryLike all great love stories, the relationship between HR and technology started out rocky–a roller coaster affair that’s still getting warmed up. But by now, we all know HR and technology were meant to be together–they’ve pushed through the hard times and are ready for the best year yet.

We asked six experts in the HR industry, including China Gorman, Steve Boese, Laurie Ruettiman, and more, to weigh in on the budding romance between HR and technology. Where has it been, why now, and most importantly, where is it going?→ Read More

Ask Achievers: Keeping employees inspired in times of change

ask_achieversThis week, Cheryl Kerrigan shares advice for keeping employees engaged, aligned, and recognized during times of change. Cheryl is the Vice President of Employee Success for Achievers, where she oversees the brand’s strategic HR initiatives that focus on employee engagement and performance management, including recruiting, retaining, and inspiring A-Players.

Dear Achievers,

My company has recently gone through some major, dramatic changes that have altered the way my team works on a daily basis. It’s been difficult to say the least–although the changes are better for the overall direction of the company, they’ve left my team less productive and clearly less happy than they were before.Read More

Achievers ranks #9 on Deloitte Technology Fast50™ list!

F50_logo_RGB_ENAchievers is so excited to announce that we’ve been ranked #9 on the 2013 Deloitte Technology Fast50™ list, Canada’s preeminent technology awards program! The list recognizes technological innovation, entrepreneurship, rapid growth, and leadership, based on the percentage of revenue growth over five years. That means we’re one of Canada’s fastest-growing technology companies – pretty amazing!

Achievers is honored to be named to this year’s Canadian Technology Fast 50 list,” said Achievers CEO Patrick D. Quirk. “Our success stems from our high-performance culture and engaged employees who are dedicated to driving results and providing world-class service to our customers.”

Now in its 16th year, the Deloitte Technology Fast 50™ program recognizes leaders in the Canadian technology industry and tracks the successful growth of Canadian-grown global leaders.→ Read More

Are your employees invisible? Bersin by Deloitte explains how to give employees a voice

social_reputationEven in our world of constant connections, which has made just about everything more easily shareable than ever before, knowledge in the workplace is all too often relegated to individuals’ own locations, silos, or even their own desks. Without communicating collective insights, organizations are missing out on an important potential competitive advantage – the experience and ideas of their employees. In order to maximize workplace success, employees’ skillsets and accomplishments must be made visible to the rest of the company, allowing for collaboration and the building of ideas.→ Read More

Ask Achievers: Encouraging collaboration to achieve better business results

ask_achieversThis week, Jewel Celestine shares best practices for encouraging teams to work together in a fast-paced environment. Jewel is the Employee Success Business Partner at Achievers, where she develops and implements strategic HR initiatives pertaining to employee engagement and performance management.

Dear Achievers,

I work on a quickly-growing team with several different divisions that all depend on each other for our success. However, as we continue to grow at such a fast pace, my coworkers are more and more likely to work in silos, instead of working together.Read More

Gartner reveals 5 key insights into employee engagement and the changing workplace

culture_managementLast week, Gartner Research Director Yvette Cameron revealed the latest research into a new generation of technologies that have begun to reshape the traditional approach to employee engagement. This research builds on the changing workplace – one that’s younger, more social, and less employer-loyal than ever before – and illustrates a growing necessity for maximizing Employee Success™, which impacts the bottom line by improving productivity, quality, sales, innovation, retention, and advocacy. Further, the path to inspiring today’s employees is also changing, and companies that fail to tap into their intrinsic motivations are likely to fall behind the curve.→ Read More

Forbes commentary: Three best practices for creating an employee-centric workplace

employee_engagementFaced with an increasingly competitive and ever-changing environment, top employers have figured it out: their employees are the key to their success. However, as the economy stabilizes and Millennials become a larger part of the workforce, what employers must do to attract, retain, and inspire their employees is facing an overhaul as well. Research reports that Millennials boast an average tenure of just over one year with a company, far less than the national standard of 4.4 years, and as employees feel more power in the hiring process and less employer-loyal than ever, keeping top talent on board is critical to maintaining a competitive edge.→ Read More

[Webinar] Engage your multi-generational workforce and inspire a new wave of business success

Gartner_logoWorkforces at top-tier companies are becoming younger, more social, and less employer-loyal by the day. For these organizations, achieving business goals is about more than just employee tenure and traditional Years-of-Service awards. In order to succeed in today’s competitive talent market, best-in-class organizations are utilizing technologies that recognize their employees’ valuable contributions, encourage them to work harder and smarter, and best of all, make them happier at work.

Research shows that multifaceted employee rewards and recognition programs help organizations reach their business goals by better aligning their employees with company culture and motivating them by celebrating their individual success.→ Read More

Ask Achievers: Best practices for inspiring your employees to stay longer

ask_achieversThis week, Cheryl Kerrigan shares her insights for decreasing a troubling rate of voluntary turnover in today’s tough talent market. Cheryl is the Director of Employee Success for Achievers, where she oversees the brand’s strategic HR initiatives that focus on employee engagement and performance management, including recruiting, retaining, and inspiring A-Players.

Dear Achievers,

My company has a great culture–we consider our team to be actively engaged and happy at work for the most part. Yet, we’ve noticed an unsettling increase in voluntary turnover, despite our awesome environment!Read More