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Kim Harris is a copywriter and blogger based in Boise, Idaho, who has been putting her journalism background to good use telling true stories and helping businesses grow since 2008. When she’s not writing for TSheets by QuickBooks, you’ll find her queuing up entertainment and plotting her next escape.

Entries by Kim Harris

  • How to Increase Productivity Using Work Personality Types

    /0 Comments/in Employee Engagement/by Kim Harris

    In office environments, balancing work and small talk, focus, and idle chit-chat can sometimes feel like an uphill battle in a desk chair. Maybe that’s...

  • What Employees Really Want from Their PTO Package

    /0 Comments/in Recognition and Rewards/by Kim Harris

    Paid Time Off (PTO) Is More Than a Privilege Hard work and determination are as American as Jersey Shore reunions and bacon-topped desserts. And to make...