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Lori Wagoner is a market research consultant. She advises small businesses on new ways to find local and national business. She's an avid blogger and writes for sites such as Small Business Can, Tweak Your Biz and Customer Think. You can catch her on Twitter @loridwagoner.

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  • 4 Steps: How to Build an Engagement-Driven Office Culture

    /0 Comments/in Culture/by Lori Wagoner

    The importance of employee recognition and engagement cannot be overstated. Companies everywhere are shelling out billions every year for HR programs designed to enhance their...

  • 5 Ways Managers Can Transform Themselves into Leaders

    /0 Comments/in Leadership/by Lori Wagoner

    A quick search on indicates that there are more than 187,000 books with “leadership” or related words in the title. That’s a lot of...

  • 4 Ways to Avoid the Dreaded High Turnover Rate

    /0 Comments/in Employee Retention/by Lori Wagoner

    The cost of employee turnover is outrageously high. When a company loses a salaried employee, it can cost anywhere from six to nine months’ worth...