Why employee recognition is such a hot topic

There is nothing we love more than sharing the positive impacts of employee engagement, which incorporates eight essential elements, including rewards and recognition.

So what’s the buzz about? The business world has significantly changed over the past five years, so recognition in the workplace is now more prevalent than ever. Stacia Garr, Bersin & Associates’ Principal Analyst, recently contributed a blog post around the buzz of employee recognition; she discusses the most relevant changes to the workplace and why recognition is key for business to succeed.→ Read More

Years of service awards: Out with the dinosaurs!

“Traditional Years of Service programs fail to offer timely recognition as the rewards are spread out over long intervals of time. This will result in poor engagement and motivational levels putting your company at risk of losing your top performers. Evolve beyond Years of Service Awards to today’s years of service program—Recognition Milestones. Build a rhythm of recognition where employees are consistently recognized and have the power to choose their own rewards that are meaningful to them. ” Achievers Whitepaper RIP Traditional Service Awards

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Managers need recognition, too! 3 steps for employee retention

Dear A Advisor,

I need your help! My company is having trouble with employee retention. We offer competitive salaries and we’re a strong competitor in our industry, but we just can’t seem to keep staff happy enough to stay with our company. What tools can we use to make our employees more satisfied and engaged?

Thanks for your help!

Mr. LonelyRead More

Great results! 2 ways to optimize your employee recognition program

Hi A Advisor,

My company has just launched an employee recognition program that has had great initial success: my colleagues send recognitions for a job well done, it’s a dynamic platform for positive feedback and we’ve already seen an amazing transformation of our company culture. My priority now is to ensure that the company doesn’t slip back into its old culture and that we continue to see the benefits of our employee recognition program. We need to make sure that the recognitions help our organization reach its goals on an on-going basis.Read More

2012 real time: 2 tips for successful offline recognition

Dear A Advisor,

I’m a Human Resources manager for a large-scale manufacturing company that employs both online, computer-based office staff, and offline factory and shipping staff (including some off-site). Although my company has a great recognition program in place for our online office staff, we do not have a similar program for our offline employees. I want to institute a recognition program for our offline staff but I’m hesitant: I’m not sure how employees would be able to effectively use a recognition platform when they don’t have access to a computer at work.Read More

Calling all managers! Making recognition initiatives effective

Dear A Advisor,

I’m a Human Resources specialist and I’ve recently enabled a recognition program within my company. The program has been my project, but I’m looking for ways to ensure effective adoption in my company. Since I’m in the HR department I don’t get a lot of insight into how individual departments utilize the program; I’m afraid that it won’t be used to its full potential.

Thanks so much for your help!

Out of TouchRead More

What does it take to make a superstar?

“Our society has become obsessed with superstars, failing to highlight seemingly ordinary accomplishments. Too many organizations are doing damage by giving excessive credit, stature, and dollars to people with the big ideas and giving insufficient kudos, prestige, and pay to people who put their heads down and make sure all the little things get done right. Ensure that all your employees are getting recognized on a regular basis because without them those leaders and superstars would never be able to shine.” – Bob Sutton “Work Matters” http://tinyurl.com/7mut464

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Reaping the benefits of rewards and recognition

Try and recall the first time you were rewarded for outstanding behavior or achieving a goal. Whether it was taking first place at a soccer tournament or earning good grades, this satisfied feeling caused a proud beaming sensation and you couldn’t help but smile. From that moment, you were addicted to reaping the benefits of rewards and recognition.→ Read More

Out with the old performance review, in with recognition

Dear A Advisor,

I’m a new manager and I’m expected to do performance reviews with my team. Performance reviews seem so outdated — I don’t think something that resembles a report card helps with employee engagement. I would love to give my team feedback on their accomplishments and all the ways that we can improve our team. Is there a way that I can do this that’s more meaningful and engaging for my team? 

Thanks for your help!

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Corporate culture 101: saying goodbye to the I don’t care mentality

It takes a lot of dedication to build a great corporate culture, but it is essential to promote employee engagement and build a great company. In “How To Improve Your Corporate Culture,” Bruce Campbell writes that “companies that make no effort to build a corporate culture risk developing an ‘I don’t care’ culture. Their employees have no way of connecting to the larger purpose of the organization, nothing to identify with, nothing that gives work greater meaning.”→ Read More

The “Happiest Jobs in America” reveals the #1 reason for employee happiness

What do a loan officer, warehouse manager and accountant have in common? Okay, the answer probably didn’t come to you immediately, so I’ll let you in on the secret: these are some of the happiest jobs in America. Yes folks, you heard that right. CareerBliss recently released the list of the 20 happiest jobs in America, and since you’re probably wondering how in the world these jobs ever topped the list, we’ll break down the key reason why these jobs outshine the competition.→ Read More

Warning: When recognition is needed most

“As stress, change, pressure and constraints increase in an organization, so too does the need for a concerted effort to enhance employee recognition. Managers can find it difficult to give positive feedback during tough times, and managers are least likely to use a recognition program when morale is low. Encourage leaders to recognize employees when it’s hardest to do so—that’s when it’s needed most!”

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Harness the power of social media: Empower employees to share

Dear A Advisor,

I keep hearing that companies are using social media sites like Facebook to help motivate and engage their employees. I don’t get it—aren’t they just time wasters? I want to help my employees reach a good work-life balance, but I’m afraid that social media will just be a distraction.

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The recognition recipe for success

Hi, I’m Monica and I use Achievers to provide our teams with a rewards and recognition solution that works.  Our employee engagement scores have gone through the roof. How do I know that? Achievers has the most advanced reports on the market. I always have up-to-date information on the success of the program providing me with  the perfect recognition recipe for success!→ Read More

Achieving the impossible: Getting Gen X and Gen Y to stay

            “To recruit and retain top talent, an organization needs to be exceptional at recognizing employees in ways they value. Modern leadership must accept that recognition has a different meaning for Gen X and Gen Y employees than for previous generations. They grew up with it and they expect it. Create a culture of recognition where employees are empowered to choose their own rewards and they’ll never leave.”


Choose your own story: recognition Mad-Libs

Have you ever experienced long wait times? do you know that ‘on hold’ elevator music all too well? We’ve all been there….Chris tells his story here, add your own fun twists and turns to create your unique customer service nightmare story!


How not to recognize & reward your sales team

Hi, I’m Chris and I use our in house rewards and recognition program when I want to applaud my team.  Sometimes, it’s hard to get the process moving, so I started some things of my own.  Unfortunately … they didn’t’ turn out too great.  Through trial and error (and yes, ‘trial’ means I’ve actually done this), here is my top 5 list of ways to not recognize your sales team.→ Read More

Capture ROI with every recognition

“HR is responsible for creating a rhythm of recognition and everyday feedback.  Facilitating this culture without a formal program in place is time consuming and taxing on HR professionals.  Technical rewards and recognition programs will meet your employees’ needs, take pressure off HR, and precisely measure ROI to present to the C-Suite.”

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It’s not just your ‘years of service’. it’s your anniversary!

Years of service, length of tenure, and ‘paying your dues’.  Could these expressions be any more of a drag?  At Achievers, we’ve kissed one-year-lapels goodbye and have adopted a more meaningful way to celebrate anniversaries.  Yes, that’s right.  We call it anniversaries.→ Read More

Thanking your team: what’s in it for you?

Hey A,

We just polled our company and our engagement scores were down low.  We’ve noticed a shift in morale and lack of recognition in general.  We want to start with our managers to begin making a change.  What do managers need to do to increase employee engagement on a daily basis?


Pat MaBackRead More

Recognition 3.0: Evolve Your Workforce

Dear A,

My company’s recognition practices are completely outdated – although still used by everyone at the company on a regular basis.  I want to adopt more of the new trends and make a step forward with our recognition program but we don’t have time to educate everyone before we implement a new program.  Is it important to have a transition?  Or can we just say out with the old, in with the new when it comes to new engagement and recognition best practices?Read More

Millions of rewards: One unified employee experience

Providing employees with rewards that are culturally and personally meaningful to them is the first part of the engagement equation.  This ensures that rewards are not only diverse and culturally relevant, and continues to drive key positive behaviors that get business results.  With global rewards, companies make engagement the universal language of their people. Working with a global provider means that your employees receive a meaningful reward in a timely manner, so that the behavior they were recognized for gets repeated.→ Read More

A pay check is not a “thank you”: Real rewards get real results

Right now, our primary focus for recognition is years of service.  We give employees a cheque with a specific denomination that corresponds with the year they are celebrating.  The program is easy to administer, but we can’t really measure the ROI.  What are your thoughts regarding providing employees monetary gifts for their service anniversary?

Wanting More,

Hugh G. NthusiasmRead More

Wanted: Recognition

Frustrated HR manager in desperate need of an employee engagement solution.  Looking for a recognition platform that is not an in house DYI program.  I repeat: NOT IN HOUSE.

Don’t just recognize results; Recognize the journey

Dear A,

We’re a results driven company, but a lot of our employees are beginning to feel like all of their effort is usually discredited.  We want to keep our environment focused on the end outcomes but don’t want the workforce to feel discouraged along the way.  How do we manage both parts of this equation without taking away from the importance of getting business results?

Shirley A. JourneyRead More

The do’s and don’ts for rewarding your sales team

It is not uncommon for employers and workplaces to become accustomed to certain sales processes and a particular work environment.   Comfort is typically equated to stability, but for companies to exceed goals and truly establish themselves as industry leaders, scaling people to push boundaries by focusing on aggressive annual sales goals is critical to helping the organization get ahead.→ Read More

Forget employee of the month; It’s all about employee of the moment

Hey A,

We’ve had an Employee of the Month program for years now – our executive team loves it.  The program is meant to be a motivator, but sometimes we’re recognizing people who did something great at the beginning of the month, so the impact of the reward isn’t as great at the end of the month.  How can we evolve our program?

May B. BetterRead More

[Webinar] Early adoption: Against HR’s nature?

Guest post written by: Steve Boese

I’m really pleased to announce that in a few weeks I will be joining the great China Gorman for an upcoming Webinar titled ‘Early Adoption: Against HR’s Nature?‘ on Wednesday March 7, 2012 at 1:00PM ET.

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Keep your team moving to the beat of recognition

“Create a culture of recognition, where recognition becomes part of a rhythm to exercise consistency.  This can be created through weekly 1-on-1s, recognition education with leadership teams, recognizing your managers when they recognize their teams, company luncheons, President’s Club incentives, or on-the-spot recognition.”

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What to recognize when you’re recognizing: Top 5 misrecognitions

It’s not that you don’t know who to recognize.  It’s not that you don’t want to recognize them.  It’s that you don’t know how to recognize your colleague for a job well done.  Understand how to effectively recognize your peers by avoiding these five common misrecognitions:→ Read More

Why employees should choose their own rewards

Hi there A,

I work in a call center and we do not have any kind of reward or recognition program in place.  I think the team would be motivated to get more results if we were rewarded for hard work.  Unfortunately we have strict rules about offering travel as a reward for employees – it’s prohibited.  How can you recognize and motivate employees in call centers where opportunities like travel is not an option?

Anita AnswerRead More

Positively, immediately, and certainly say ‘Thank You’

“Today’s younger employees are not concerned with their length of tenure, but of their immediate impact on the business’s success.  To retain Next Generation employees, and encourage them to drive results, companies must adopt a total recognition package that frequently provides employees with positive, immediate, and certain feedback.”

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Tweet it, post it, blog it, and you better like it: The spark of social recognition

If you’re not tweeting, posting, blogging, and liking – you’re sinking.

In the past year, Twitter has had a 250% increase in tweets per day (95 million/day).  LinkedIn has had 100% growth in users to over 100 million.  Facebook has had a rise in user logins to 250 million each day.  Just like everyone else in the world, HR is being influenced by a social shift.  Now, HR professionals can use social media and social networking to learn, grow, and improve. → Read More

Rewarding a cross-generational workforce

Hi A,

How can you target different generations with recognition?  We’re finding in our workplace, with rewards and recognition, that what motivates a baby boomer may not motivate a Gen X’er or Millennial and so forth.  Thoughts?

Ageless Concern
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Remaining competitive by identifying recognition trends

The equation is simple: engaged employees produce greater business results.  But as job happiness rates hit an all-time low, employers and HR professionals are constantly evaluating how to motivate and drive performance among the workforce.  Now, more than ever, Board of Directors and the C-Suite measure engagement scores to determine the health of an organization, with recognition being one of the most significant contributors to a happy and engaged workforce.  Today, it’s not just enough to implement a recognition strategy; companies must stay on top of recognition trends to continue to positively impact the workforce and remain competitive.→ Read More