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  1. In my free time, I manage a group of children, ages 8-13 where I encourage them to participate in education and sports based competitions. Inevitably, we have our cheaters and we have those who play fair. One day I decided to conduct an experiment of rewarding those who played fair. The competition was a race called ‘nicotine’ / ‘suicide’ (its pretty rigorous, you need to change directions a few times to complete it successfully). The reward I offered was to take the winner (without cheating) and put him in the middle of a circle surrounded by all others who lost and everyone would then cheer out loud: YAYAYA, you are amazing!!. The smile on the winners face was priceless.

    He kept asking later to race again!

    I enjoyed reading the article above. Additionally, I think that there is a great deal of value for management and the employee if a social posts (twitter/linkedIn or even Youtube) by management related to a relevant business topic was to include the name of whom was being recognized (with a hyperlink to his/her profile). For example:

    “We performed quite well this year with our data analytics solution in the financial industry. We had Ahsan, come out with some clever tactics of which we employed some and achieved a great deal of value. We strive to continue this in 2017 and look forward to another prosperous year….”

    If just one person was to visit Ahsan’s linkedIn or profile and make a mention due to this, it would make Ahsan’s day!! I think that this is a clever way of using social media to recognize someone. Any thoughts on this?

    1. Thank you Ahsan for sharing your story! We love it and it shows how much the power of recognition has. Social recognition is a great and easy way to quickly recognize others – and you can have some fun with it by including fun images with your social recognitions. Recognition is infectious and can make a huge positive impact! Thanks for reading. Cheers! 🙂

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