Entrepreneurship Series: Enduring Companies

Achievers Tech Talks is ecstatic to launch our Entrepreneurship Speaker Series, catering to both Toronto start-up and technical audiences.

The first instalment in the series features Pat Grady, Partner at Sequoia Capital. Pat shares the patterns he’s encountered working with some of the most successful tech companies and entrepreneurs in the world. A Wyoming native, Pat’s first job was putting roofs on houses… but he didn’t truly appreciate what it means to be a builder until he shared in the ups and downs of creating a company. Since joining Sequoia Capital in 2007, Pat has been singularly focused on supporting the next generation of great technology entrepreneurs.

He gravitates toward companies with the courage to bulldoze incumbents like ServiceNow, Okta, Birst, Qualtrics and companies with the audacity to break new ground like Achievers, Jive, HubSpot, and Medallia. Pat is a casual cyclist, an enthusiastic snow bum, and a big believer in the renaissance of the enterprise. Prior to Sequoia, Pat was an inside salesman, an investor, and an undergrad at Boston College.

This Achievers Tech Talk is a must-watch for aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs!

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