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The January MeetUp for Full Stack TO was hosted by Achievers Tech. The two talks of the evening are as follow:

Front-End Performance Quick Wins

Performance is key to web applications, especially e-commerce ones. It’s said that for every second over two seconds conversion drops by 40%. In this talk, James will walk you through some quick wins for your front-end performance to help you speed up your site and increase conversions!

About James

James is a front-end web developer with Loblaw Digital the company behind Loblaws Click & Collect, Joe Fresh online, and Shoppers Beauty Boutique online. Previously he has worked with Indigo, Walmart, Cineplex, and the University of Waterloo. His experience in web development and omnichannel experiences goes back eight years and he loves to share and learn. James is also the Executive Director of Full Stack Toronto the non-profit bringing web developers together through intermediate and advanced education — commercial free.

Frameworks + Your Opinions = Skeleton projects

Projects consist of the code, the tools to make the code run, and the configuration. The tooling and configuration are often repeatable in 90% of your projects. When you craft a skeleton project it will let you get up and running on the right foot without spending time on problems you’ve already solved. Better yet, you can adopt a skeleton project by someone who’s already solved your problems for you (like putting in great tools for TDD or Continuous Delivery). You can expect a tour of what goes into a great skeleton, and what kinds of skeletons can be made for projects like a library or API SDK.

About Brian

Brian is a Senior Software Engineer at Achievers and co-organizer of the Symfony2 Toronto meetup. He has contributed to open source projects such as Rumpkernel (a unikernel project) Symfony2 (a backend framework), various odds-and-ends, and documentation for a number of other projects. Brian has spoken at FullStackTO, TrueNorthPHP, and a half-dozen meetups.

About the Event

Full Stack TO bringing speakers in from around the world and Toronto to speak in a commercial-free environment about intermediate and advanced web development topics, as well as the cool, fun Internet of Things.

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