Healthcare Professionals: Get a Pulse on Employee Engagement Levels

While patient care has always been a top priority for healthcare leaders, now more than ever, the experience provided by practitioners is just as important as the treatment patients receive. Recent studies show a direct correlation between highly engaged employees and genuine care towards patients. On the contrary, disengaged staff lead to poor patient experiences, higher turnover, and decreased productivity. Get a pulse on your employee engagement levels by understanding how these statistics and trends may be affecting your team.

The healthcare landscape has changed. With technology providing quick access to information and social reviews influencing public opinion (think “Rate My Doctor” sites or even, patient experience is equally as important as patient treatment – now more than ever. For healthcare leaders, this begs the question: how do you create an outstanding patient experience?

The reality is that there is a direct correlation between employee engagement levels and wonderful patient experiences. When staff are engaged with your business, aligned to the corporate mission and objectives, and recognized for their work, the mass majority offer genuine and compassionate patient care. And that’s not all: these employees tend to be more productive, more motivated, and contribute to impressive bottom line results.

Unfortunately, too many healthcare businesses have fallen victim to antiquated employee engagement strategies and have extremely disengaged employees on their teams. Look at these trends and reflect on your business operation and strategies. Are your healthcare professionals engaged?

77 percent of healthcare professionals do not feel valued for the contribution they make and the work they do.

Being undervalued is at the heart of disengagement, and disengaged employees take away from business results and patient experiences. Try administering an employee engagement survey to see how your workplace fares. This will give you insight into what’s working and what isn’t. From there, determine where your employee engagement levels stand today, and create reasonable timelines and benchmarks.

72 percent do not feel their organizational culture encourages them to contribute to changes that affect their team/department/service.

To ensure that top talent live up to their potential and that their performance meets your expectations, recognize employees for living your core values to create a culture of alignment and reinforces the right behaviors for your company. Make sure employees understand what behaviors are measured and why. If you reinforce desired behaviors with positive feedback, they will be repeated.

80 percent of healthcare employees do not feel that communication between senior management and staff is effective.

Communication is critical in the modern workplace. For management to care, they need to be made accountable. If retention, engagement, and alignment are priorities for your organization (and they should be, given their profound impact on bottom line results), use these as metrics and reward managers for meeting targets. Coach your managers on how to be effective leaders and encourage them to give positive and constructive feedback to their team members in a timely manner.

It is not unusual to have staff absence levels of 10-15 percent and even numbers as high as 22 percent non-availability over the past few years.

Total costs related to absenteeism amount to $84 billion annually. It’s not easy to tackle absenteeism, but you can create a culture where employees want to come to work because they are highly engaged with the organization. Empower your employees to be successful by including them in the front-end of planning and align them with your organization’s objectives. This will give your employees a greater perspective of corporate goals and inspire a purpose-driven workplace.

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