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  1. Wanted to compliment you on a very well written piece. Am also very interested and we have built a unique platform that caters to this and a lot more. It actually connects the whole people chain and is designed for the future of work. Would be wonderful if I can invite you to check it out. Of course it’s free and the concept around it is Hire Right, Engage Right and Nurture right – go to Would be wonderful receiving feedback from someone like you.

    1. Thanks for reading and sharing your comment! 🙂 Stay updated on the latest Engage Blog articles by subscribing to The Engage Blog at the top right hand of this page. Cheers.

  2. The point of asking ourselves, “are we recognizing daily the amazing efforts across our entire employee population?” stuck out to me because the workplace tends to be a busy place where individual recognition doesn’t happen everyday. Much of the workforce today isn’t striving for more pay alone, but more recognition and praise as well. I’m curious which forms of recognition are most motivating to employees (compliments, notes, days off, etc.) and will search Engage for some options!

    1. Thank you Noelle for reading and sharing your comment! Recognition is the #1 driver of employee engagement and vital to the employee experience and business success. There are numerous ways to recognize, from monetary, social, and one-click recognitions. Learn more about how to build a culture of recognition here: and learn more about Achievers’ award-winning recognition and engagement platform here:

    2. I completely agree with all of your comments Noelle! We have all been asked to do “more with less” for as long as I can remember, the workplace is exceptionally busy! This is why simplicity, transparency and timeliness of recognition is so important. Recognising employees is a top contributor to employee engagement (and once or twice a year just won’t cut it!). To motivate employees we find the value is often in the recognition itself, no monetary reward necessary! However when it does come to rewards it’s all about the gift of choice! If you can join our conference in Toronto this October…there’s no better place to hear more than at our Annual Customer Event (ACE 2018): Alternatively, watch this space, always lots of great content shared after the event!

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