Four Manager Problems that Aren’t Their Fault and How to Solve Them

Managers are often blamed for things that aren’t their fault. In fact, over 50 percent of middle managers are perceived as not being able to drive business success by their superiors. But, when we take a closer look, it’s obvious that many of the managers’ shortcomings aren’t their fault and can be improved with better resources and training.

Here are four deficiencies managers are often blamed for:

1.   Lack of Coaching Skills

Teachers get their teaching credentials, doctors go to Medical School, and mechanics complete an apprenticeship. It takes a lot of training to learn how to do a job, and managers need training too. People management is not an innate skill, so, when promoting from within, ensure the new manager has previous managerial experience or has access to management training and resources.

2.   Invisible Employees

Managers are often expected to know their team members’ status at all times. However, a manager can’t be everywhere at once, and it’s impossible for them to see every accomplishment or failure. If you want your managers to have a pulse on their team, provide them with access to technology that will give them visibility.

3.   Inadequate Performance Reviews

Employees find performance reviews difficult, and so do managers. Performance appraisals are time-consuming and usually too infrequent to be of value. Managers are asked to remember important details about their employees’ work from a year back, which is far too removed to be accurate, helpful, or fair. Encourage managers to schedule more frequent reviews or one-on-one meetings. Regular feedback will help managers recognize individuals and coach employees when it’s most relevant.

4.   Accountability

Is it a coincidence that you managed to finish all of your school assignments the day before they were due? No, you knew you needed to get them done by the deadline, so you finished them. Without the deadline, however, that half- written paper on Crusader History would likely still be sitting on your desk today. Without knowing or being held responsible for objectives, managers have no reason to strive to achieve goals. Make your managers accountable to their bosses, and reward them when they meet their targets.

Good managers can do so much for your business, so leadership must be able to recognize when managers need tools and training. Find out how to transform your management team into your secret weapon by downloading our e-book.

Is there anything else you think managers are blamed for that isn’t their fault? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Tatiana Beale is a Senior Marketing Communications Specialist at Achievers. She is passionate about changing workplaces for the better and inspiring Employee Success™ through insightful content. Tatiana believes that employee happiness is the key to a wildly successful company. She feels lucky to be part of the unique Achievers culture and means it when she says “I love my job.”


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