Why the Best Managers Are Great Coaches

Are you watching the 2014 winter Olympics? Everyone can get behind their country’s favorite medal winners, but what really creates exceptional athletes is phenomenal coaching. The same principle applies to how managers inspire successful employees.

Olympic athletes and top employees have something in common: they are both intrinsically motivated by their inherent need to perform and succeed. And they both require real-time feedback and frequent coaching to achieve their goals. If you want to get the best from your people, you’ll need to make sure your managers are equipped to help them succeed. Employees do not leave companies today—they leave managers.

You can change the way managers and employees interact starting today. Managers can learn how to become coaches in the workplace by adopting a strategic and effective coaching mentality that prepares and leads teams to win.

Ideas to help managers transition to great coaches

  • Provide frequent feedback and recognition in real-time, at least once every seven days
  • Align employee behaviors to long-term business objectives
  • Give employees autonomy and room for personal growth
  • Communicate clearly and openly
  • Support teamwork and leverage employees’ individual strengths
  • Celebrate success when employees achieve results

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to a new generation of social-enabled recognition technologies, managers can impact employee engagement, alignment, and business results. To learn more, check out our social recognition report.

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Profile image of author: Tatiana Beale

Tatiana Beale is a Senior Marketing Communications Specialist at Achievers. She is passionate about changing workplaces for the better and inspiring Employee Success™ through insightful content. Tatiana believes that employee happiness is the key to a wildly successful company. She feels lucky to be part of the unique Achievers culture and means it when she says “I love my job.”


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