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“Making a strategic effort to leverage the right resources to build a culture of inclusion is imperative in the business arena today.”  ~Dr. Natalie Baumgartner, Achievers Workforce Institute.

In the latest Achievers Workforce Institute research, belonging is shown to triple the success of business outcomes relating to productivity, job commitment, and engagement.

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Market-leading HR technology

An HR platform driven by workforce science, the Achievers suite of products is consistently enhanced and improved based on customer evaluations and experiences.

As a top-tier HR platform designed to recognize employees and listen to their needs, we apply those same sets of values by carefully listening to client feedback and actioning their asks. Our award-winning support reflects what we promote and practice.

The Achievers Employee Experience PlatformTM is the nimble response to streamlining and improving our technology. Addressing today’s challenges facing HR and organizations, the platform exists to mitigate and resolve the complex challenges of The Great Resignation, a growing digital divide, and a potential global recession.

Based on the science of belonging and meticulously collected feedback, the Achievers Employee Experience PlatformTM works to create a culture of inclusion that is essential for driving key business goals. Your C-suite, HR team, and employees alike will appreciate our uniquely flexible HR tech and streamlined employee experience.

The five market-leading Achievers products Recognize, Reward, Celebrate, Listen, and Connect — are now more unified and relevant to cultivate a culture of belonging. Strategic updates are made every few weeks to optimize user experiences and to give your organization the best return on investment.

The biggest investment, of course, is your people.

High-performing organizations are driven by strong cultures

The Great Resignation is no longer a fleeting moment in time, it is a global movement. Employees are leaving companies at an unprecedented rate, along with suffering from burnout, fatigue, and disillusionment. By extension, this causes more turnover, more sick days, and less efficacy in their roles.

This cataclysmic shift in today’s work world has highlighted how critical an investment in your workforce is. As employees became increasingly fragmented in varying on-site, hybrid, and remote work models, a sense of belonging became fractured.

Mitigate the dire consequences The Great Resignation has presented in recent years with ‘The Great Recognition.’ As a key driver in retention, recognition is also proven to foster a culture of belonging, which is is imperative for key business goals like reduced turnover, increased productivity, and your bottom line.

The Achievers Workforce Institute provides ground-breaking studies on the Science of Belonging. Its brand new 2022 Culture Report on the Tech-Enabled Employee Experience reveals some telling statistics from recent employee surveys.

Here are some compelling statistics that the report indicated:

  • Employees recognized at least monthly were 50% more likely to feel a strong sense of belonging at work

  • Employees with  strong sense of belonging 3x more likely to be engaged, committed, and productive.

Why Achievers Employee Experience Platform™ is essential for today’s organizations


The Achievers Employee Experience PlatformTM is the innovative, client-led iteration of our successful platform used by thousands of engaged employees around the world.

This much-anticipated ecosystem of market-leading products and integrations leverages science and critical data that will create a culture of belonging essential for today’s workplace.

As voluminous feedback, from formal Workforce Institute surveys to customer insights, indicates, HR professionals cannot keep up with system analytics, workforce numbers, and administrative bottlenecks.

The Achievers Employee Experience Platform™ addresses the need for belonging by activating the same types of experiences as being together.

The platform seamlessly delivers global, interconnected, and smart work experiences that will level up your organization both digitally, intuitively, and financially.

Recognition is at the core of employee experience and company culture

The three pillars of The Achievers Employee Experience Platform™ — built by science, streamlined employee experience, and flexible HR technology — are designed to drive key business goals including employee engagement and retention.

For compelling insights and latest data on the employee experience view and download the Workforce Institute’s 2022 Employee Engagement and Retention report.

A platform that fosters workplace culture– and a future.

The Achievers Workforce Institute’s 2022 Engagement and Retention Report states that just 20% of employees say they are engaged.

Our increasingly digital workplaces emphasize connecting to platforms instead of people. While our digital lives can connect us in many ways, digitization in the workplace can result in increased fragmentation within teams and the greater company culture

The Achievers Employee Experience Platform fosters connection to cultivate a culture of belonging. It is more connected than ever before, empowering your HR personnel, Director of Rewards, or IT to implement integrations that really speak to your culture and put your people first with a more relevant employee experience. Whether it is personalizing the platform to align with your company’s values to important internal messaging that might be harder to convey organically.

Added value through Achievers Employee Experience PlatformTM

Ultimately, Achievers Employee Experience PlatformTM ties all your HR and business needs into a more unified experience and in turn, creates a more unified workforce, central to a culture of belonging.

Among the benefits of this effective employee experience platform are:

  • Global capabilities
  • Broad employee experiences
  • Transparent and fair pricing
  • Integrated voice of the employee suite
  • Unique employee connections
  • Smart integrations with other HR tools and platforms

Get workforce science working for you

Achievers is committed to providing flexible HR technology that is tailored to your organizational goals. And we are committed to looking at the latest science to prove its value.

Other compelling workforce statistics to consider:

  • Organizations with higher-performing cultures create a 3x return ​to shareholders​ — McKinsey
  • Engagement is 55% higher when organizational and employee values align ​— Aon
  • Values are a business enabler in 70% of high-performing orgs — World Economic Forum
  • Organizations that are highly effective at increasing engagement ​had a 31% reduction in voluntary turnover — Bersin
  • Disengaged workers had 37% higher absenteeism, 49% more accidents, and 60% more errors — Gallup/Queens School of Business

Change how your culture works

As research from AWI and Gallup shows, employee recognition programs increase engagement and productivity.

Are you ready to get your HR goals working smarter, and your employees staying longer?

Request a no-obligation demo of Achievers Employee Experience PlatformTM today to discover the most streamlined and rewarding employee experience yet.

Drive your own Culture of Belonging. Download the 2022 Report on The Employee Experience to Drive Belonging.


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