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  1. Meghan, employee recognition is such a valuable tool in any business setting. It doesn’t take much to offer someone positive feedback – your data only shows that the company will improve as a result.

  2. It took ShopDirect 2 years to fully implement? With 4,500 employees, they’re comparatively small(er) than many organizations. Why so long? Globoforce, an employee recognition leader in their own right, will stand up their platform in 90 days…including deeper metrics than Achievers can offer. I don’t understand why implementation for the Achievers platform is so lengthy, especially if it’s SaaS.

  3. Hi Mark. Thanks for catching that! What Meghan meant to say was that Shop Direct saw a major positive impact across its corporate culture from its recognition and rewards program in less than two years. The actual implementation only took 67 days!

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