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  1. As a long time manager in the hospitality industry, your article hits the nail on the head. Now to get the companies to understand. Most are still burdened with long time, old time managers who don’t understand or don’t want to understand this concept. Their style is to bully and berate the employees, creating an I don”t care attitude that management doesn’t want or are unable to understand. That in turn creates more pressure from above, making a vicious circle. Management needs to understand this filters out to the customer or guest and directly affects their bottom line. It’s very hard to do a good job when the employee is always looking over their shoulder.

    1. William thanks for your note. The focus on developing leadership skills in an employee before they become a supervisor/manager is an important habit that more companies need to consider. This will ensure employees feel more supported and cared for by their direct supervisor, thereby allowing them to focus on their customer more. Thanks for focusing on their right customer – your team. Cheers

  2. Thanks Shane for this article! What most drew my attention is that, from the 5 tips for focusing leaders in the right direction, the two first ones are so common-sense but often neglected when presenting a beautiful and “flowery” leadership and engagement plan.
    If you try to implement a leadership and engagement program in an environment where employees’ basic needs are not covered, you’ll just miss the shot and loose credibility as employer.

    1. Thanks Nuria. You are right about the first few being common sense. I should have added that creating a safe environment is not just about the physical work space but also the emotional one. Too many employees are not in an emotionally safe space which inhibits their ability to really excel. Thanks for engaging. Cheers. Shane

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