A paycheck is not a thank-you

David Brennan is a man of strong opinions. “First of all, I’d like to apologize to any accountants,” he said in his recent webinar, “Obtaining and Sustaining Executive Buy-In,” “but they ruined engagement.” Although technically, they weren’t the ultimate problem, he ceded—it was direct deposit.

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[Storify] #A_Chat Wrap Up: March 27th, 2013


Below is a collection of tweets from the March 27th, 2013 webinar with David Brennan, Chief Financial and Operating Officer of Achievers.  Thank you for all who listened to the webinar and those who connected with the #A_Chat community on Twitter.

Get executive buy-in with an appealing argument

Dear A,

We just conducted an engagement survey and our results were more than disappointing.  I know that we need to implement an engagement solution but our C-Suite isn’t buying in to the idea.  What is the easiest way to submit this idea to my executive management team?

Yours truly,

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