The Ultimate Check-List: 8 Manager Essentials

Your employees are your biggest and most important asset. When you think about where you’re investing efforts to keep employees engaged, aligned and recognized, what comes to mind?

Cash bonuses?
Celebrating their tenure?
Perhaps it’s a fruitcake on their birthday.

Well, what if we told you that the secret weapon to driving employee success was your managers? More often than not, employees don’t leave companies – they leave bad managers. That’s why it’s up to you to equip your managers with the tools they need to engage and motivate your workforce to drive results.

Wondering where to start? Look no further! This ultimate checklist of manager essentials will help you understand what tools and strategies your managers are looking for to engage your workforce and, spoiler alert, it’s not a fruitcake.

1. Give them visibility into employee engagement.

Managers Check-list

Your managers need real-time insight into their team’s engagement levels. Look for a tool that measures engagement frequently and share those results with managers so that they can mitigate the risk of low engagement or get excited by their highly motivated team.

2. Develop regular feedback rhythms. 


Managers check-list

You nailed that presentation! When you hear feedback like this in the moment, it’s meaningful. When you hear feedback like this in an annual review, chances are that you have no idea what meeting your boss is talking about (and neither do they). Encourage managers to give positive and constructive feedback to their team members in a timely manner.

3. Provide coaching skills.

Managers checklist

Coaches are crucial to a team’s success – but not everyone has natural leadership skills. Provide management with training opportunities so that your managers can effectively engage their teams and align everyone’s efforts with corporate objectives.

4. Make managers accountable.

In the words of Zoolander, “Accountability … so hot right now … accountability.” For management to care, they need to be made accountable. If retention, engagement and alignment are priorities for your organization (and they should be given their profound impact on bottom line results), use these as metrics and reward managers for meeting targets.

5.  Align managers with business objectives.

Managers Checklist

With transparent and articulated business objectives, your managers can truly understand how they and their teams impact the top and bottom line. Connect quarterly with management to discuss goals and encourage them to be transparent with their teams so that everyone understands how their roles add value. Talk about a dream team!

6. Recognize their individual accomplishments.

Managers checklist

Once executives understand the power of engagement, alignment and recognition, it’s time to lead by example. Show your managers how they should practice timely feedback with their teams by recognizing management for their individual accomplishments. They’ll feel appreciated, plus they’ll get ideas for how to recognize their team. It’s win-win!

7. Recognize their team’s accomplishments. 

Managers checklist

As the old adage goes, there’s no “I” in “team”. When a team performs well, it’s important to be recognized both individually and as a team. Give your manager budget and a list of ideas for how they can reward their teams for accomplishing goals that align with corporate objectives.

8. Share results across the organization. 

Managers checklist

When teams are producing great results, it shouldn’t be a secret. Encourage managers to share results with other managers and the rest of the organization. This type of knowledge sharing will set the bar for other teams and drive positive behaviors across the company. It’s almost as rewarding as being an audience member in Oprah’s favorite things episode.

How do you hold your managers accountable for engaging, aligning, and recognizing employees? Add to this check-list by leaving a comment.



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Tatiana Beale is a Senior Marketing Communications Specialist at Achievers. She is passionate about changing workplaces for the better and inspiring Employee Success™ through insightful content. Tatiana believes that employee happiness is the key to a wildly successful company. She feels lucky to be part of the unique Achievers culture and means it when she says “I love my job.”


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