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  1. These are all possibilities for sure! It’s not just black and white. I also think broken expectations are a factor, which ties in to most of the categories above. Don’t put claims for professional advancement, benefits, etc. in your job descriptions and then not be able to follow up once the new hires are assimilated into the company. Make sure your employer brand matches up internally and externally:

  2. Some of the reasons why employees leave the company can be fixed with better communication, and more attention and involvement from the upper management. Others require providing employees with opportunities to learn new skills, prepare for more advanced job positions, and achieve growth.

  3. One of the stronghold foundations of a company is its employees and understanding why they are leaving the company is important, it will allow the company to identify the things to be improved in order to avoid further conflicts between its employees. After identifying the reasons behind their resignations, having that action plan on employee retention is very important. You can’t afford to lose an employee every time due to the same reasons over and over again as it will affect the company’s stability in growth and finance. This is indeed a great blog.

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your comment! 🙂 We completely agree. When it comes to retention, It’s important to listen to your employees, gather their feedback, and take action. Check out more articles covering employee retention topics:

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