Why Achievers is a Great Place to Work

Whether it’s Throwdown Thursdays or our Employee Success™ platform, every Achiever has a favorite thing about working here (aside from their awesome job!). Here are 40 reasons why Achievers is a great place to work.

  1. We’re disrupting workplaces across all industries with a revolutionary product. Creating an engaged workforce is becoming the fastest growing trend in human resource management—and we’re at the forefront.
  2. Our leadership team has an open-door policy and is always approachable.
  3. We value social responsibility. We have an Achievers Care’s Committee that supports and engages with various community organizations and every Achiever is given 1 day a quarter to give back to the community in a manner of their choosing.
  4. We provide a smartphone allowance of $400 every two years. All employees are also eligible for monthly data subsidies for smart phone use.
  5. Casual dress code. We treat people like adults and empower them to use their judgment when deciding what to wear to work.
  6. Our clients are world-class companies across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, and they love us.
  7. We believe innovation comes from seeking out and celebrating diversity in all its forms. What makes you unique makes us better.
  8. Every employee has regular meetings with their leader to give and get feedback.
  9. We have a culture of L.O.V.E. (Living Our Values Every Day).
  10. Our company mission is to “Change the Way the World Works.”
  11. Throw Down Thursdays—every other week we get together to eat food, drink beer and celebrate our shared successes.
  12. We have Rewards and Recognition celebrations every quarter.
  13. We are passionate about sharing and practicing what we learn with others. From hosting TED talk-inspired “tech-talks” to participating in creative challenges like hackathons and speaker’s corners.
  14. Every employee attends Achievers Academy as part of their onboarding to gain a holistic understanding of the business and how their role and department plays a vital part in what we do.
  15. We have a daily, company-wide nine-minute meeting called To The Point (TTP).
  16. Your career development is a top priority for us. We ensure all employees get regular 1-1 time with their managers and get the feedback they need to develop in their careers.
  17. With our iSave iEarn program, you get rewarded for saving the company money.
  18. We know that A-Players know other A-Players. That’s why we have the RockStar Recruiting Program to financially reward employees who refer successful candidates!
  19. You aren’t limited by your job description. There is no ceiling on getting involved or going above and beyond. Have an interest in a different department? Come across an awesome idea? Reach out to the right leader and you can easily take on that project.
  20. Achievers shares an investment in your professional development by providing subsidies and tuition reimbursements to support your ongoing learning.
  21. At Achievers, your physical and mental well-being is important to us. We have a comprehensive health and wellness program to address employee’s physical, mental, financial and social wellbeing concerns.
  22. We offer onsite yoga, as well as free and subsidized CrossFit classes. We also have a company volleyball and soccer team! Interested in other fitness activities? Start your own team or speak to the Employee Success department to get a new program started.
  23. We offer free monthly onsite massage by WellCalm.
  24. Each department holds regular meetings, and they have occasionally been known to engage in regular scrum chants.
  25. Our Personal Top 1 Program allows employees to set and be rewarded for achieving personal goals on an annual basis.
  26. Our beautiful Toronto office has an employee lounge that we use to host meetings, eat lunch, get-together or kick back and work in comfort. We also have a “Zen Den” where employees can relax, meditate or even take a power nap.
  27. Once a quarter our Leadership Team hosts “Brutal Facts”, where employees can have ANY question they submit or asked be answered by our leadership team.
  28. Our Create Value tool lets employees submit innovative ideas for improving process and saving money.
  29. We have a policy of top-down transparency and communicate both good and bad news openly.
  30. We have a rooftop patio in our Toronto office.
  31. Sometimes we toast our successes with champagne in the middle of the day.
  32. Our recruiting bar is set high. Every prospective employee is measured against our current employee base, which is awesome.
  33. Guests are encouraged and welcomed—whether it’s in the office, at Throwdown Thursdays, or at company events.
  34. All offices are easily accessible by multiple modes of transportation.
  35. We have an amazing online rewards catalog as part of our recognition program, so you can choose rewards that are meaningful to you.
  36. We use our platform to regularly take the pulse of employee engagement and make changes in real time using employee feedback to make our work place even more A-mazing!
  37. We have annual, quarterly, department, and individual goals and offer incentives to hit them.
  38. We hire passionate, dynamic and collaborative professionals. We are a highly engaged team and that values innovation, creative problem solving and doing our best.
  39. We set up our employees to succeed. We offer a great employee onboarding program, provide employees with the tools and technology they need to do their work and maintain Help Central, a fantastic internal website for FAQs about everything Achievers.
  40. We are widely considered to be one of the strongest and most innovative companies in our space. We have been recognized in numerous publications for our contributions to HR, for technical excellence and for our outstanding workplace culture.