Why Achievers is a Great Place to Work

Whether it’s First Round Friday or our Employee Success™ platform, every Achiever has a favorite thing about working here (aside from their awesome job!). We asked our employees to help us make this list, and what you see here is truly democratic compilation. In no particular order, here are a few of our favorite perks, benefits, and overall reasons why Achievers is a great place to work.

  1. We’re a real business, solving real problems. We’re disrupting a 100-year-old industry with a revolutionary product. Creating an engaged workforce is becoming the fastest growing trend in human resource management—and we’re at the forefront.
  2. Exciting Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) that allows you to invest in our parent company, Blackhawk Network.
  3. Our leadership team has an open door policy and is always approachable.
  4. We have a Social Responsibility committee and two Social Responsibility days off per year to volunteer.
  5. A smartphone allowance of $300 every two years.
  6. “First date” dress code. We treat people like adults and empower them to use their judgment when deciding what to wear to work.
  7. Our clients are world-class companies across North America and Europe, and they love us.
  8. Achievers embraces diversity as we know that great people come from all walks of life.
  9. We embrace our multi-generational workforce.
  10. Every employee has regular meetings with their leader to give and get feedback.
  11. We have a culture of L.O.V.E. (Living Our Values Everyday).
  12. Our company mission: “Change the Way the World Works.”
  13. We have great ideas and take big risks. If things don’t work out, we fail fast and move on.
  14. First Round Fridays—we celebrate the week’s successes every Friday at 5pm.
  15. We have Rewards and Recognition celebrations every quarter.
  16. Everyone gets two department development days to learn new skills. We learn together by delivering TED talk-inspired “A-talks” or participating in creative challenges that help us learn more about our roles’ impact on business success, to name a few.
  17. Every employee attends Achievers Academy as part of their onboarding to learn from “professors” in every area of the business.
  18. We have a daily, company-wide nine-minute meeting called To The Point (TTP).
  19. We use the words “Awesome” or “A-Mazing” in almost every sentence.
  20. We are challenged and engaged at work every day.
  21. We have our own company-inspired drinks, the RedPoint and Purple Haze.
  22. You’ll receive feedback regularly, whether you ask for it or not. ?
  23. With iSave iEarn, we get rewarded for saving the company money.
  24. We know that the A-Players we hired hang out with other A-Players. That’s why we have the RockStar Recruiting Program to reward employees who refer successful candidates. It’s one of the top referral programs for a business to have!
  25. You aren’t limited by your job description. There is no ceiling on getting involved or going above and beyond. Have an interest in a different department? Come across an awesome idea? Reach out to the right leader and you can easily take on that project.
  26. Achievers’ employees don’t just deliver results, we get to be part of the decision making process.
  27. Achievers shares an investment in your professional development by providing subsidies to support your ongoing learning. Achievers has extracurricular activities such as Soccer Club, Rock Climbing Club, Ski/Snowboard Club, and Running Club.
  28. Each department holds regular meetings, and they have occasionally been known to kick off with a dance party.
  29. Our Personal Top 1 Program allows employees to set and be rewarded for achieving personal goals on an annual basis.
  30. Some of us really like our coworkers; some of us call our coworkers our best friends.
  31. We have an internal hire program to ensure consistency and fairness, and to help employees transition into new roles.
  32. We have a RedPoint employee lounge in Toronto. Whether it hosts a meeting, lunch or a casual get-together, this is a great spot to kick back in comfort.
  33. The entire company is offered branded swag on a consistent basis.
  34. Embracing real-time communication is one of our values and it means that we address and resolve problems as soon as they arise. In a business like this, time is everything, and transparency is key.
  35. At our “Ask the Leaders” events, employees have the opportunity to have ANY question they submit be answered by our leadership team.
  36. Our CreateValue tool lets employees submit innovative ideas for improving process and saving money.
  37. We communicate both good and bad news transparently.
  38. We celebrate all successes, both personal and professional.
  39. We believe great companies are founded on great people.
  40. Healthy competition is encouraged—whether it’s on the sales floor or on the softball field.
  41. Lunch and Learns happen regularly.
  42. We have a rooftop patio in our Toronto office.
  43. Sometimes we toast our successes with champagne in the middle of the day.
  44. We work hard and play harder.
  45. Our recruiting bar is set high. Every prospective employee is measured against our current employee base, which is awesome.
  46. Our CTO, Aris, has a favorite mantra, “There’s no monopoly on good ideas.”
  47. We hear “wow” whenever someone sees our platform for the first time.
  48. Guests are encouraged and welcomed—whether it’s in the office, at First Round Fridays, or at company events.
  49. We have a CUTO initiative, which means “Culturing Up The Office.” Employees collectively brainstorm fun and creative ideas to make the Achievers offices even better.
  50. We have a great product and people actually like to use it.
  51. All offices are easily accessible by multiple modes of transportation.
  52. We have on-site yoga in the Toronto and San Francisco offices.
  53. We have an amazing online rewards catalog as part of our recognition program, so you can choose rewards that are meaningful to you.
  54. All employees can receive monthly data subsidies for smart phone use.
  55. Achievers’ employees aren’t just allowed to use social media at work; we are encouraged to do so.
  56. We do regular leadership and employee engagement surveys.
  57. We have annual, quarterly, department, and individual goals and incentives to hit them.
  58. The best Achievers Academy professor gets a prestigious Dean of Studies award.
  59. We have freedom to personalize our workspaces any way we like.
  60. Sometimes the leadership team serves us hot breakfast.
  61. Everyone here is passionate about what they do and nobody is trying to coast.
  62. We maintain Help Central, a fantastic internal website where you’ll find everything you need to be successful at Achievers.
  63. Achievers believes that “no one is smarter than everyone.”
  64. When we achieve our quarterly goal, we celebrate within our departments.
  65. Many of our departments have their own mascots.
  66. Achievers values your individuality.
  67. We don’t call our departments by traditional names. Account management is known as Client Success, customer service is known as Member Experience, and our software development team is known as Binary Experience, to name a few.
  68. Our Member Experience team will turn you into a Raving Fan.
  69. We win awards for innovation, employee engagement, culture, PR, and much more.