ATB Financial boosts employee engagement with Achievers

ATB Financial

Business Challenge

ATB Financial, a Canadian retail banking institution with more than 5,000 employees, was experiencing declining employee retention, particularly with newer hires within their first year of employment. ATB suspected this was the result of low employee engagement scores. These engagement and retention challenges had begun to negatively impact ATB’s employer brand perception. As a company, ATB rededicated themselves to increasing employee engagement and decreasing turnover.

Employee Success Platform™ Solution

ATB implemented the Achievers Employee Success Platform and created its Everyday Heroes program, a consistent, streamlined engagement and recognition experience for its associates. The program unifies the entire organization on one easy-to-use social platform that’s specifically designed to help drive engagement and reinforce ATB’s corporate values while also supporting department-specific engagement, alignment, and recognition initiatives.

Business Impact

In the first year of the Everyday Heroes program, ATB saw substantial adoption and recognition usage by its associates, with more than 90,000 employee recognitions given. This level of recognition activity resulted in the creation of an enduring culture of recognition, which has had a significant impact on employee engagement. Since implementing the Achievers Employee Success Platform, ATB Financial has seen its overall Employee Engagement scores increase by 13 percent to 81 percent.

The Employee Success Platform has been instrumental in improving engagement and alignment to business objectives helping to drive improved business results.


Achievers Insight

Employee engagement is a key driver of business success in today's knowledge economy where recruiting, retaining, and inspiring top talent provides the only true competitive advantage. According to Aon Hewitt, each incremental percentage increase of employee engagement translates to an additional 0.6 percent growth in sales. Additionally, Gallup has found that companies in the top quartile of employee engagement see heightened levels of business success, compared to bottom-quartile organizations, including:

  • 21 percent higher productivity
  • 22 percent higher profitability
  • 41 percent higher quality
  • 48 percent fewer safety incidents
  • 37 percent reduced absenteeism

Employees who are engaged in their work stay longer. Highly engaged employees are 87 percent less likely to leave their companies than their disengaged counterparts , making a highly engaged workforce an important factor in increasing retention and retaining top talent.