Availity Reinforces Core Values through Transparent, Consistent Recognition Program


Business Challenge

In 2014, with nearly 800 employees spanning multiple locations around the country, Availity, the nation’s largest real-time health information network, found itself challenged by the huge task of maintaining a consistent, unified, clearly communicated rewards and recognition program across all of its units. Despite implementing an employee-of-the-month program and other spot recognition programs, the company discovered through its regular Pulse Surveys that employees felt that the programs were not transparent enough in their selection processes, nor consistent in their usage by managers. In addition, company leadership was concerned that the programs were not adequately aligned with Availity’s core values and corporate behaviors.

With all of this in mind, the company went in search of a single platform that could easily and effectively support a company-wide program of transparent, well-communicated, real-time recognition and rewards that would help the company to attract and retain high performers. In addition, Availity needed a solution that would be robust and flexible enough to integrate across its entire Total Rewards package, including its wellness, employee referral, social media and sales incentives programs.

“Our goal was to have the right tool to make a recognition program really easy,” shared Beth Nana, Senior Director of HR Solutions and Total Rewards for Availity. “We didn’t want many different systems to account for recognizing a great job – we wanted one platform to do it all.”

Achievers Employee Engagement and Recognition Solution

In March 2015, Availity introduced its employees to the LOVE (Living Our Values Everyday) program, built on the Achievers platform. The solution was launched using a two-prong approach to recognize individuals based on either their embodiment of the company’s core values or demonstration of desired corporate behaviors. Points would be awarded for value-based actions, and employees could then redeem their points to purchase items from the Achievers Rewards Marketplace.

To encourage adoption of and participation in the program, Availity continues to work with Achievers to implement frequent campaigns such as Customer Service Week, Employee Appreciation Day and Milestone Celebrations that align with employee engagement goals and other business objectives.

The ease with which the Availity team can “Availitize” existing Achievers’ campaigns to reflect its unique culture enables the company to more easily reinforce its values and improve communications in order to mitigate the impact of its geographic spread.

“From an administrative perspective, Achievers is probably the easiest out of all the systems we use in HR. It is easy to run and export reports and it delivers great analytics,” said Julie Crist, Availity’s Manager of Compensation and Benefits.

Business Impact

The initial response to Availity’s LOVE program has been enthusiastic and the insights it has provided have been enlightening. Within the first six months of implementation, the employee activation rate was 97.5% − and that number has since grown to 99.5%. What’s more, Availity uses the employee analytics reports available through the system, such as the Pulse Meter, to gain real-time, actionable insight into employee sentiment within the organization. With this data in hand, the team can pro-actively address issues that may require their attention while also suggesting additional opportunities for recognition at critical moments in the employment life-cycle.

Availity employees continue to embrace the Achievers platform as a method for celebrating accomplishments large and small, with nearly 70% sending recognitions and 98% receiving recognitions in the first year of the program. More importantly, senior leadership participation is at a full 100%, as executives have grown to appreciate the role the program has played in the recent rise in employee engagement numbers across the company.

By implementing the Achievers employee engagement and recognition solution, Availity has been able to align its corporate values with its employee rewards and recognition program, maintain a fun and engaging work environment, and ultimately solidify its culture of transparency and respect.


"What Achievers showed us was exactly what we were looking for. We saw how forward thinking the organization is and how their product development aligned with who we are and where we’re heading.

As we grow, Achievers can grow with us and help us meet our changing needs.”

- Beth Nana
Senior Director of HR
Solutions and Total Rewards