Bayhealth Boosts Engagement with Achievers Employee Success Platform


Business Challenge

As central and southern Delaware’s largest not-for-profit healthcare system, Bayhealth’s 4,000 employees are focused on strengthening the health of their communities, one life at a time.

To drive their mission, Bayhealth understood that recognizing and engaging their workforce would be paramount in effecting positive change for both their employees and patients.

Bayhealth’s previous recognition program lacked the transparency and focus on peer-to-peer recognition needed to scale engagement across their increasingly diverse and growing employee population. Before Achievers, recognition at Bayhealth was management-led and took the form of a written note passed to frontline workers.

While this method was effective on a personal employee level, it didn’t allow for organization-wide visibility of all the great work that was occurring at Bayhealth, and didn’t encourage peers to recognize one another. The absence of these fundamental program elements illustrated that Bayhealth was ready for a progressive change to meet the evolving needs of their employees.

Bayhealth understood that employees wanted recognition that was in-the-moment, transparent, two-way, and technology-focused, with the option to recognize their peers with points. In tune to these attributes, Bayhealth set forth to research solutions that would connect all of its employees and reinforce the feeling of unity across the organization, regardless of their location or job title. In addition, Bayhealth wanted their leaders to have insight into the outstanding work being done by all employees, every day.

Bayhealth’s top 3 engagement program must-haves:

  1. Increased transparency of recognitions sent across the organization.
  2. An easy way for employees to recognize each other in the moment.
  3. Ability to access and analyze data in order to drive individual performance and accountability.
“Achievers focuses on the larger picture of creating a positive work experience which goes beyond recognition and rewards.”

Lauren Brittingham, Director, Organizational Development, Bayhealth

After a thorough review of many recognition providers, Bayhealth selected Achievers based on 3 main attributes:

  1. Cutting Edge and Flexible Technology
    As a technology company, Achievers is agile. Program adjustments can be easily requested and implemented, and enhancements reach the end user quickly.
  2. Strategic Partnership
    Each customer is partnered with a Customer Success Manager at Achievers who has an entire team of experts to support the partnership. It was important to Bayhealth that they remained in lockstep with their partner to align on the implementation and growth of their recognition program. The additional investment made by Achievers in their customers’ success was something not offered by other vendors.
  3. Intuitive Platform
    The look and feel of the Achievers platform is clean, fresh, inviting, and something Bayhealth felt would be easy for employees at all levels to adopt and interact with regularly.

Achievers Employee Success Platform

After a comprehensive implementation process, Bayhealth launched its recognition program, Driven, on the Achievers platform. The program name was derived from Bayhealth’s brand promise: “We are driven to bring the nation’s best healthcare to our communities here at home.” The program was molded around the company’s values: compassion, accountability, respect, integrity, and teamwork. Program launch was an exciting time at Bayhealth—staff and leadership alike were energized by the fun elements of their new recognition channels.

The launch of their new recognition program, Driven, marked a shift from an era of siloed recognition, to an easy-to-use, tech-forward solution that satisfied their program wish list and accelerated a culture of recognition.

“Before Bayhealth implemented Achievers, recognition was among the lowest scores on our engagement survey, and engagement scores had plummeted to the bottom quarter of the industry average. This gave me a roadmap to what areas of improvement I would focus on next.”

Shana Ross, VP of Human Resource, Bayhealth

With Driven implemented, employees were able to acknowledge the hard work of their peers, award points, and interact with recognitions in a fun way. Leaders were given access to insights through Achievers robust reporting capabilities, visibility into recognitions through the live newsfeed, and could now recognize employees across the enterprise in new and creative ways. For example, an account was created for Bayhealth’s High Reliability initiative, utilized by the chief nursing officer. Each day, the CNO captures the “great catches” shared during safety huddles, and recognizes the staff involved. It’s moments like these that not only inspire recognition, but reinforce Bayhealth’s focus on patient safety.

In addition to leveraging Driven to foster a culture of recognition, Bayhealth incorporated a number of other initiatives into their program, including birthday celebrations, milestones to celebrate years of service, and various award nominations like Nurse of the Year and the Planetree Spirit of Caring Award. Bayhealth also leverages Driven for employee surveys, both their 6-month check-in for new hires as well as to gather feedback on policy changes. Deploying these surveys through Driven increases the likelihood of these surveys being completed since Bayhealth’s employee population is so active in the program. As a result, Bayhealth has seen some very impressive metrics. Despite being a predmoninantly mobile workforce, employee adoption and engagement with Driven has been strong since its inception, and Driven continues to be an important part of Bayhealth staff’s work-life.

Business Impact

Since launch, 98% of Bayhealth employees have activated their Driven account and active usage is strong with 84% of employees using the program on a monthly basis. Bayhealth’s executive team makes it a priority to lead by example, and 97% of leaders are active in the program at least one a month. It’s this initiative from leadership that has helped drive a successful culture of recognition among their teams.

Driven’s overall program metrics are equally inspiring: on average each employee receives just under 4 recognitions each month and on average, each employee sends just under 3 recognitions on a monthly basis.

To lend context to their success, Achievers found that like-sized organizations average less than 1 and approximately .5 monthly recognitions, respectively.1

As noted earlier, Bayhealth’s bold recognition metrics have had an immediate positive impact on employee engagement scores, moving the needle .11 points in the first year alone to 3.79 (on a scale of 1-5) when asking the question “I am satisfied with the type of recognition I receive for doing a good job”. That’s 0.10 above the national healthcare average and shows an increase in Bayhealth’s engagement from the 16th percentile to the 34th among healthcare providers.2

“Positive, exciting, futuristic. That’s how I’d describe my experience working with Achievers. I would recommend them to my peers not only because of the system functionality, but also the dedicated customer success manager who works with clients to help them grow their program.”

Lauren Brittingham, Director, Organizational Development, Bayhealth

The Next Step:
Bayhealth Solves Employee Feedback Collection with Achievers Listen

Bayhealth took the success of their Achievers Recognize platform and amplified its impact by adding a new and dynamic platform to their engagement strategy.

Achievers Listen
Having developed a strong relationship by building a culture of recognition together using Achievers’ Recognize, Bayhealth partnered with Achievers once again, leveraging the Listen employee voice solution to round out their employee listening strategy. Listen was seamlessly integrated with Driven, transforming their Achievers program into an even more robust employee engagement hub.

Before implementing Listen, Bayhealth was relying solely upon their annual employee engagement survey to measure engagement. Among the challenges with the annual survey were that the data was not “real time,” the process was arduous and Bayhealth wanted to have a better understanding of engagement at different points throughout the year. Moreover, Bayhealth realized that just as they continuously surveyed patients about their experience, they needed to apply that same focus to their people.

Despite these specified challenges, Bayhealth opted to maintain their annual survey, which had years of engagement data, and use it as a baseline to measure progress in key areas, maintaining strong accountability among leaders for their teams’ annual engagement scores.

Bayhealth’s annual engagement survey also contains a module that allows them to maintain their Magnet status – a prestigious designation for healthcare organizations. Implementing Listen allowed Bayhealth to maintain their annual survey while still leveling up their employee listening strategy with Listen’s weekly Check-Ins and quarterly Pulse surveys.

“What really improves low employee engagement scores is having leaders measure, listen, identify, act, and repeat.”

Lauren Brittingham, Director, Organizational Development, Bayhealth

Bayhealth launched a quarterly Pulse survey to become more attentive and responsive to key indicators and drivers of engagement that continuously change when working in a stressful and fast-paced environment. Using the 15 science-based questions that make up Achievers’ Pulse survey, Bayhealth has been able to identify not only how employees feel about their work, but also why they are feeling that way. Bayhealth’s Pulse survey takes just minutes to complete and leaders can view response rates and results real-time in the Driven program, providing an immediate and comprehensive view of engagement and recognition data – all in one place.

Bayhealth also implemented Check-Ins, a continuous listening tool offered within Listen, to help facilitate open dialogue among Bayhealth’s leaders and employees. Check-Ins places control in the hands of employees, proving them the means to share their thoughts and feedback when they need to — anytime, on any topic. Check-Ins have enabled Bayhealth’s front-line leaders to receive timely feedback about day-to-day issues that require immediate attention — a critical concern in a patient caring workforce.

The value of implementing a continuous listening solution was clear almost immediately, helping Bayhealth address significant employee concerns. For example, in one of Bayhealth’s clinical departments, leaders began to see employee feedback shared through Check-Ins from patient caregivers who were faced with an incredibly difficult patient. These caregivers reported that caring for this patient made them feel unsafe, causing extreme stress, anxiety and unhappiness. Some team members were starting to call off work because they didn’t feel prepared to handle this patient.

These team members expressed their concerns through Check-Ins, prompting their leaders to plan for swift action, or else risk losing valuable staff. To address the feedback, leaders set up de-escalation training to help employees understand signs of patient anxiety, and to guide them in how best to handle these sensitive situations.

Realizing the benefits of an integrated Employee Success platform
In pairing their engagement and recognition strategies with Achievers’ Employee Success platform – integrating both Listen and Recognize – Bayhealth is now fully empowered with a dynamic and holistic 360 view of their employees’ experiences. Built on science, these real-time data insights inform and guide leaders and teams to take meaningful, timely action together.

The result? A better employee and patient experience!

“It [the Achievers platform] was really powerful. Not only did our staff feel heard, our leaders were prompted to have difficult conversations and take action to support their teams—something that would have gone unreported and unnoticed previously.”

Lauren Brittingham, Director, Organizational Development, Bayhealth


1 Average recognitions received and recognitions sent per member across all like-sized Achievers customer programs, 2019
2 Per Press Ganey


Achievers Insight

of employees have activated their Driven account

of employees use the program on a monthly basis

of leaders are active in the program at least one a month