CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System Drives Employee Engagement on a Modern Platform with Achievers

Christus St. Michael Health System

Business Challenge

The goal of the CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System is to provide quality, compassionate care to those they serve, especially persons who are poor and underserved, in an operationally successful manner. As part of the CHRISTUS Health organization, a national health system with more than 30,000 Associates, the CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System of Texarkana, TX employs 1,799 Associates, 95% of whom are offline. The organization was looking for a more modern, “real time” solution to reward and recognize Associates that would integrate social recognition into the business in order to increase alignment to business objectives and improve engagement of its Associates.

Employee Success Platform™ Solution

CHRISTUS St. Michael launched its healthcare employee engagement program, “KABOOOM,” on the Achievers Employee Success Platform in September 2012 with an emphasis on social and points-based recognition, a modern Years of Service awards program, and a number of other programs designed to engage, align, and recognize the organization’s Associates.

Business Impact

Within a year and a half of initiating its “KABOOOM” program, CHRISTUS St. Michael saw a 4,500% increase in employee recognition given compared to the organization’s prior “home-grown” manual paper solution. As a result, the company saw more than a 10% increase in Associate engagement specific to leadership recognition from 66% to 77%.

Prior to launching the Employee Success Platform, CHRISTUS St. Michael experienced an annualized turnover rate of 13.8% in 2011. By the end of its fiscal year 2013, the company had decreased that turnover rate to an impressively low 6.39%, significantly below the industry standard annual turnover rate of 19.6%.

Based on the success of the “KABOOOM” program, the Achievers Employee Success Platform has been expanded to include 7 other U.S.-based CHRISTUS Health regions.


Achievers Insight

Just 44% of the U.S. hospital workforce is engaged. Having a highly-engaged healthcare organization reduces employee turnover and increases employee satisfaction. These two factors play a large part in determining the quality of their patients’ experience and, ultimately, the financial health of the organization. Highly engaged caregiving organizations are 15% safer than average. Additionally, high caregiver turnover impacts financial performance. Replacing nurses costs an average of $36,567 per hire. For other healthcare jobs, the cost to replace a single employee can be as much as 20% of annual salary costs.