M Resort Spa Casino drives world-class customer experiences with Achievers

M Resort Spa Casino

Business Challenge

M Resort Spa Casino is a top hotel and casino in Las Vegas, NV. The luxury resort, situated high above the Las Vegas Strip, is an award-winning Forbes Travel Guide Four Star and AAA Four Diamond property with 390 rooms and 90,000 square feet of casino space. To support its hands-on approach to customer service, M Resort was looking for a recognition program that would be personal and meaningful to its employees, while consolidating the property’s 14 separate employee recognition programs. The M was also seeking to increase visibility, transparency, and employee engagement across the workforce.

Employee Success Platform™ Solution

M Resort partnered with Achievers in 2014 to implement the Employee Success Platform, effectively reducing the time and labor costs associated with the organization’s previous recognition programs. By consolidating all 14 previous programs, M Resort boosted recognition activity by 10x—far surpassing its 2x goal—and achieved 88 percent activation in the first six months.

The program has become a favorite resource and communication tool for M Resort team members, as it empowers the entire workforce to share social recognition publicly, regardless of their role, by combining points-based and free recognitions. Additionally, the management team now has the ability to track usage and create on-demand reports to make monitoring budget and spend easier for the finance and payroll teams, and maximizes the effectiveness of recognition and drives engagement objectives.

Business Impact

The Achievers Employee Success Platform had an immediate and significant impact on the corporate culture and business results at M Resort. Within the first 8 months, the organization improved its employee engagement scores by 6% overall and by 12% in various divisions – and helped the company garner a top engagement ranking among its family of properties.It also served to increase the resort’s TripAdvisor customer happiness rating by an entire star – from 3.5 to 4.5 stars, which according to a 2012 Cornell study can represent a 5% increase in expected revenue. The customer satisfaction survey ratings continue to see great results, and in January 2015 M Resort broke the record all time highest rating ever on their Casino Guest Survey.

With the Achievers Employee Success Platform, M Resort reinforces the excellent customer service that is its hallmark, encouraging the employee behaviors that bring happy customers—and employees— back, every day.


Trip Advisor

M Resort increased its TripAdvisor customer happiness rating from 3.5 to 4.5 stars.