Our Mission

Achievers’ mission is to change the way the world works. Our Employee Success Platform is specifically designed to drive higher levels of employee engagement. It’s built to align everyone with business objectives and company values, driven by recognizing shared victories every day. It’s designed to make success a way of life.


  • David Brennan

    General Manager

  • Greg Brown

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Aris Zakinthinos, Ph.D.

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Vanessa Brangwyn

    Vice President, Customer Success

  • Egan Cheung

    Vice President, Product

  • Britt Davies

    Vice President, Marketing

  • David Laszewski

    Vice President, Sales (West)

  • Brogan Taylor

    Vice President, Sales (East)

  • Peter Daly

    Vice President, Software Engineering

  • Debbie Lillitos

    Vice President, Professional Services

  • Vishal Sharma

    Vice President of Information Security and Corporate Systems

Values—we believe in them

Every company has them. They’re designed to be lofty, and often sound the same from company to company. We’re different. Our values drive our passion and uncompromising dedication to treat every customer, every Achievers employee—even our competitors—with the highest levels of integrity.
It’s what makes us tick.

Focus on Customer Happiness

We all have customers, whether internal or external. We’ll stop at nothing to make them happy and successful.

Embrace Real Time Communication

We have open, honest, and timely conversations. We solicit feedback; it will only make us better.

Care, Share & Be Fair

We’re thoughtful and helpful to those around us. We’re generous with our knowledge and time. We treat others with respect, and when in doubt we always take the high road.

Act with a Sense of Ownership

We’re all owners of Achievers and are accountable for doing what we commit to. We’ll do whatever it takes to succeed.

Live Passionately

Enthusiasm is contagious. We spread our excitement to those around us.

Build a Positive Team Spirit

Business is a team sport. Our positive attitude will help overcome the challenges of building a great company.

Embrace R&D & Innovation

We stand on the shoulders of giants and then take it to the next level. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Learn from Failure & Celebrate Success

Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn. Failure is not the opposite of success; it’s on the road to it. Fail fast and improve, and we persevere.