For over a decade we’ve been defining the industry standard for true cloud employee recognition programmes. And it shows. Across hundreds of deployments, typical user adoption is 80% right out of the gate. All our experience, industry expertise, programme ideas, and innovation are at your disposal to implement a successful employee recognition programme strategy.

Leave the details to us

We’re meticulous at keeping the entire implementation project on time and on track. Let our track record speak for itself: customer satisfaction across all our deployments in 2014 was 96%. We do all the work to get your employee recognition programme settings just the way you like them.
Project and communication strategy and planning
Solution design
Solution design
Programme design and data integration, site content and logo design
Organisational communication and execution, recognition 101 training for management
Final employee recognition programme configuration, testing, and launch

Change is good

We’re passionate about change; it’s core to our company mission. Driving successful organisational change is why we see 4.6 times greater adoption than our competitors. Wherever your company is headed, we’ll help keep your culture engaged and aligned every step of the way.


Greater adoption

Universal Studios

“Our programme launch manager has made the entire process an absolute joy, and I’m convinced that it’s due to his expertise and dedication to excellent customer service.”

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