Collaboration Made More Powerful With Achievers

Foster a culture of performance where employees can seamlessly recognize each other in real-time

Achievers: Yammer Integration

Achievers integrates into social collaboration technology to leverage engagement and mobilize teams towards a common goal using timely communication and meaningful recognition. This integration promotes a culture of recognition within an organization and will encourage employees to use their recognition program to recognize their peers and teammates.

Completely customizable like the rest of Achievers, program administrators can choose which Achievers recognition modules will be shared on their Yammer feeds. Recognitions can either be posted the moment they are submitted on the client’s Achievers site, or after an approval process.


  • Public recognition increases accountability
  • Recognize the milestones and behaviors that lead to success
  • Foster a culture of transparent communication
  • See collaboration and connections amongst groups via recognitions to one another
  • Recognition shows up on the newsfeed allowing accomplishments to be broadcasted