How to select the best social recognition system for your business

Best practices and tips on how to improve employee engagement

Employee recognition is a powerful tool. It’s the single greatest lever to improve employee engagement. Because your workforce is not static and neither is your business; recognition solutions that impact business outcomes and engagement should always be evolving, anticipating needs, and responding to changing trends. Whether you are replacing an existing recognition program or getting started, this buyer’s guide will help you select the right recognition and rewards partner. You will be able to evaluate the different mechanics to ensure high adoption and usage and improve employee engagement.

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Upon reading Buyer’s Guide for Social Recognition Systems, you will feel prepared on the following topics and more:

  • The value of peer-to-peer recognition
  • The difference between single vs. multi-tenant to determine the best route for your organization
  • Understanding security standards and when certification is required
  • The value of integrations and the flow of data within the flow of work
  • Mobile: one platform or disparate experiences
  • Adoption metrics and gaining traction
  • Connecting the global employee experience across regions

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