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Caitlin Nobes is the Content Marketing Manager for Achievers Workforce Institute. She started her career as a journalist and HR reporter before moving into marketing and communications, continuing to specialize in the HR space. She is passionate about data-driven content to give readers new insights and best practices based in science. Connect with Caitlin on LinkedIn. Achievers’ employee voice and recognition solutions bring your organization’s values and strategy to life. Activate employee participation and fuel a culture of performance to experience data-driven business results. To learn more, visit

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  • 9 features of an effective recognition program

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    What do more than 1,500 HR leaders have to say about what makes a recognition program effective? Based on the 2022 State of Recognition report, this...

  • Recognize to Retain: the business case for recognition

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    Employees at organizations with an optimized recognition platform are more committed to their jobs. In this one-page report from Achievers Workforce Institute, learn how your...

  • Recognition: the missing piece of your total rewards strategy

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    Today’s total rewards team has a purview far beyond just compensation and benefits, but are you missing a key piece? In this one-page report from...

  • The secret sauce of engagement and retention

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    CHROs around the world face similar challenges: how to attract, retain, and engage employees to meet organizational objectives. In this one-pager from Achievers Workforce Institute, get...

  • The Great Recognition

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    Welcome to the Great Recognition: the recognition that we have entered a new world of work, one that acknowledges recognition as the single most powerful...

  • Achievers Workforce Institute Feedback Checklist

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    Just 18% of employees say their company consistently acts on their feedback. One of the most important ways employees feel valued is by being heard, but...

  • 2022 Engagement and Retention Report

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    Last year the Engagement and Retention report predicted the Great Resignation – what can you expect from 2022? Will high turnover continue? This is truly an...

  • Empowering Employee Wellbeing in the New World of Work

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    Just one in five employees feels a strong sense of wellbeing at work, despite an HR focus in this area over the past few years....

  • Workforce Institute D&I Insights Report

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    3x more employees are engaged when companies integrate D&I initiatives with their recognition program. Are you missing a crucial piece from your diversity and inclusion efforts? The...