Take control

Where is your investment going? See how your employee recognition and reward investment is working for your business. Only Achievers makes your spend 100% transparent with budget targets that you control.
Received recognitions
Received recognitions
Key Performance Indicators

Employee reporting and analytics for today’s data-driven HR

Analytics that are easy to access, understand, and share. Create meaningful, customized analytics reports whenever you need them. Not at your desk? Not a problem. Schedule employee analytics reports to arrive in your inbox and subscribe to automatic updates for key performance indicators. Augment your workforce and employee performance analytics with real data on the way your teams are working together.

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Program Investment Planner

Only Achievers provides HR with a state-of-the-art budgeting tool that provides full visibility and self-service control over employee recognition budgets. Program Investment Planner enables strategic program planning and effective budget management with real-time spend tracking.

Budget Controller

Strength in numbers

With executive insight into employee engagement program ROI and effectiveness you’re equipped to bring everyone on board to achieving employee success.

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