What’s your current employee experience doing for your bottom line?

After a year of massive change, Achievers helps you tap into the power of your people, increasing employee engagement while accelerating business performance.

Technology for the times: A better employee experience
drives business performance

Achievers is innovating the new employee experience to help you drive your bottom line.


Today’s employee experience may largely be digital, but that doesn’t mean it has to be disconnected. With Feedback, insights are gathered frequently and in real-time so you can take action and make informed business decisions based on timely and relevant information.

This dynamic toolkit that captures your employee voice on any topic,
at any time using:

  • Surveys
  • Forms
  • Polls
  • Quizzes


Quarterly engagement surveys backed by workforce science that provide a health check of employee engagement and arm you with robust analytics and action planning to drive change.

Check-Ins powered by Allie

Allie is an always-on digital coach bot that continuously checks in and measures the employee experience, allowing managers to keep a close eye on the overall mood of their people, act on feedback, and boost team performance in real-time.

Gallup, a global analytics firm, tells us that:

Engaged employees are shown to be 17% more productive.
Organizations with engaged employees are shown to have 21% higher profitability.

17% more productive*

21% higher profitability*

*Gallup Report: What Is Employee Engagement and How Do You Improve It?


Our team members love [our Achievers program] mteam. The program has become an integral part of our company culture. It has helped us increase team member engagement and drive business impact.

– Faith Swanson, Recognition and Engagement Manager, Meijer

Here’s what 10 million
recognition moments mean
for Meijer’s bottom line

Discover the positive correlation that Meijer identified
between recognition, employee engagement, and their
key business metrics.

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