Application Questions

    The first eight questions are worth 10 points each. The final Summary question is worth 20 points totaling 100 points overall. You do not need to answer all of the questions under each section, rather use them as a guide to demonstrate how your organization measures up in each category. Our panel of judges will review your submission based on how your company measures up to other organizations.

    Leadership (10 points)
    How does leadership drive employee engagement at your workplace? Are your senior leaders accessible and approachable? Do they lead by example? Are they accountable for demonstrating organizational values, developing team members, and helping them achieve desired results? Do they hold themselves to the same standards as the rest of the organization? (300 word limit)

    Communication (10 points)
    Describe how communication is made to be a vital part of your organization, operating in both formal and informal ways and in multiple directions. How are managers encouraged to communicate with their employees on an ongoing basis? What means do employees have to communicate needs or ask questions of management or top leadership in your organization? (300 word limit)

    Culture (10 points)
    What evidence can you provide indicating your organization has a strong corporate culture? How does that corporate culture contribute to employee engagement? In what ways do managers and employees live your culture’s values on a daily basis? (300 word limit)

    Rewards and Recognition (10 points)
    Describe how recognition and rewards are used to drive performance in your organization. What role does top management play in using and endorsing the use of employee recognition and rewards? What forms of recognition and rewards are available and used on a daily basis to acknowledge desired employee behaviors and/or achievements? (300 word limit)

    Professional and Personal Growth (10 points)
    How are employees encouraged to develop personal and professional skills in your organization? What programs, policies, or management training is conducted supporting employee development? How are employees supported in taking on special assignments, projects, or new responsibilities in their area or elsewhere in the organization over time? (300 word limit)

    Accountability and Performance (10 points)
    Provide evidence of how your organization focuses and reinforces desired performance on the part of all of its employees at the individual, team, and organizational levels. How is performance celebrated by the organization at all levels when it occurs? How are managers and employees held accountable for their actions when they are not performing? (300 word limit)

    Vision and Values (10 points)
    What does your organization do to clearly communicate its vision and values to all employees in a way that helps to drive their behaviors and actions? How do you encourage your employees to live the organization’s values on a daily basis? What do you do if a core value is not adhered to by a manager or employee? (300 word limit)

    Corporate Social Responsibility (10 points)
    In what ways is your organization socially responsible? How are employees encouraged to act in socially responsible ways and recognized and supported when they do so? What business practices does your organization intentionally focus on to be socially responsible and/or what causes does your organization and its employees support? (300 word limit)

    Summary (20 points)
    Of the above Eight Elements of Employee Engagement™, which do you feel is your organization’s strongest and contributes most to your ongoing competitive success in the marketplace? (no word limit)

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