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Please focus your answers on the most impactful ways your organization is delivering on each question. Limit answers to up to five bullet points highlighting your answer, with no more than 250 words total per question. Each question (including the Summary) is worth 15 points, totaling 135 points overall. The criteria for each question are as follows:

  • Excellence: Did your answer demonstrate program effectiveness, excellence or best practices relevant to the question?
    (5 points)
  • Results: Where you can, did you provide data or examples of positive results or success metrics relevant to the question?
    (5 points)
  • Impact: Did your answer provide examples of how this specific engagement driver is being implemented within your organization?
    (5 points)


Accountability & Performance

How does your organization hold every level of management, including executive leadership, accountable for their actions when they are not performing well as people-leaders?

Belonging, Equity & Inclusion

How does your organization leverage diversity, equity and inclusion practices and principles to cultivate a sense of community and belonging?

Culture Alignment

How does your organization ensure that your culture is well-articulated, understood, and used to guide strategic and operational decision-making?

Manager Empowerment

How does your organization empower managers to connect with, coach, develop, and recognize the contributions of their employees?

Professional & Personal Growth

How does your organization support the personal and professional development opportunities of all employees?

Purpose & Leadership

How does your organization connect employees with your vision, providing them with a sense of purpose and personal contribution?

Recognition & Rewards

How does your organization foster an environment that promotes meaningful recognition?


How does your organization help employees nurture their personal wellbeing (i.e. physical, mental, social, financial)?


Tell us the engagement success story that you’re most proud of, including how it best embodied one (or more) of the Eight Elements of Employee Engagement® and created a workplace that your employees want to recommend to others.