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5 ways to motivate and retain employees (without increasing salary)

Although there are circumstances where compensation can play a role in motivating employees to “quiet quit” or even leave all together, the research that has emerged the last few years is clear that employers who get “emotional salary” right will continue to have a competitive advantage in today’s tight labour market.

But what is emotional salary and how can organisations build at a time when trust is at a record low, burnout and disillusionment remain steady, and budgets are tight?

Join our experts for this session where they will explore key findings from Achievers Workforce Institute’s 7th Annual Engagement and Retention Report.

Join us to learn:

  • What employees claim will motivate them to perform or quit in the coming year
  • The top drivers of emotional salary and what the data suggests are the highest impact, low-cost ways to bolster it at scale given the unique conditions of the workforce
  • Field-tested, research-backed specific suggestions to mitigate regrettable losses and bolster employee motivation and performance within your organisation


Emma Harvie
Emma Harvie

Senior Customer Success Manager & AWI Advisor, Achievers

Brie Harvey
Brie Harvey

Head of Market Research and Community, Achievers