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Achievers’ cloud-based and mobile-first employee recognition software platform is shaped by science, and boosts engagement, commitment, and productivity by 3x. It will help you become the employer of choice and fulfill your growth targets.

Employee receiving recognition from peers
Rewarding Employee recognition software Platform
Points Based Recognition and Rewards Improve Employee Engagement with Social Recognition

High employee turnover and low employee engagement?

Improve organisational culture with the Achievers employee recognition software platform. Recognising your employees increases engagement, motivation, and fosters positive work culture for productivity and retention.

Don’t just survive, thrive with Achievers.

#1 employee recognition software

#1 employee recognition software

To increase employee engagement, productivity, and retention – key for business growth

User-friendly platform and insights

User-friendly platform and insights

To simplify the process of employee engagement for HR teams

Seamless integrations and mobile-app

Seamless integrations and mobile-app

To help managers and colleagues recognise and connect how and when they want

A woman taking an employee engagement survey in front of an office

Everything you need to engage your employees…

Points-based employee recognition software on a mobile device

Retention-rising recognition: increase retention by 2.5x

  • Solve employee recognition challenges with a mobile-first platform
  • Customise recognition to match your company culture and budget
  • Keep your team engaged with fun celebration cards, boosts, GIFs and more
GM quote

GM Recognition is not just a tool that allows employees to recognise and be recognised globally, it is an enabler to drive the culture we need to win by helping our employees link our GM Behaviors with the work we do every day.”

Sandra Garcia

Sandra Garcia, Global Compensation Lead

Algeco quote

The fact that we looked for a great platform which we have got, but also need someone to walk us through and hold our hand to make sure launch was successful and we have received this. Post launch as well, Achievers have stayed with us to help with issues.”

Chris Dodds

Chris Dodds, HR Business Partner

Kellogg quote

Our employees love our Achievers platform and it embedded into our Kellanova culture seamlessly. Our people call it intuitive and easy to use, and the mobile app is a hit for many leaders who love that they can recognise in real-time.”

Sanjey Patel

Sanjay Patel, VP, Global Total Rewards

Two people using total Rewards

New to recognition? See how it can help your business thrive


increase in engagement

Transform your company culture and watch employee engagement soar with our powerful connection tools. Perfect for SMBs and Enterprises alike, don’t wait to see the positive impact on your business!


more likely to be productive

Recognise your people weekly and guess what? They’re much more productive. And with Achievers, we’ll help you reach more ‘recognitions’ than any other provider.


reduction in voluntary turnover

Say goodbye to costly recruitment drives! Recognition is the secret weapon to keeping your team engaged and motivated, not only reducing employee turnover but also improving your sustainability.


uplift in ‘belonging’

Unleash the power of ‘connection’ and ‘belonging’ in your workplace with our DE&I-focused tool. Say goodbye to feeling alone at work and hello to a connected and diverse workplace.

Read the G2 reviews that rated Achievers 4.5 out of 5 stars

Our growing customer base loves us and it’s easy to see why. With a whopping 95% customer satisfaction rate and an impressive 98% retention rate, you can trust that we’ve got your team’s recognition needs covered.

And the best part? We’ll be with you every step of the way, from the very first recognition to celebrating that 1 millionth milestone.

G2 Leader Award Winter 2023
G2 Leader Award - Enterprise Winter 2023
G2 Leader Award - Mid-Market Winter 2023
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Award Winning Employee Recognition Software

Instantly recognise

Easy recognition
Pre-built integrations
Connect your HRIS
API endpoints

It’s never been easier
to give recognition

By connecting with all of your other tools, it saves your employees time and makes it effortless for them to recognise their peers, or direct reports, in the moment. Without seamless integrations, the likelihood of employees using the software decreases, leading to less engagement and, ultimately, less business impact. An integrated recognition platform ensures that recognition happens frequently, and as we all know, frequent recognition is the key to success!

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Actionable resources for HR professionals

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Supercharging your recognition efforts to fuel company culture

Learn how Algeco, a dynamic organisation with 1000-strong employees, leveraged recognition to activate company values and a culture of belonging.

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Best practice principles in elevating employee recognition

Learn why Frontiers chose a recognition program for their 1500 employees to improve employee engagement and create a consistent, global employee experience.

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17 questions to ask about your employee recognition strategy

Is your employee recognition strategy optimised?

To ensure that your approach to recognition is effective and optimised this year, consider using the following 17 questions as a guide.

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Learn how Criteo increased employee happiness by 17%

Criteo’s Global Spotlight Program

Learn how Criteo was able to increase employee happiness by 17% and achieve a 96% activation rate with their recognition program.

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Achievers’ cloud-based and mobile first employee recognition platform is shaped by
science, and boosts engagement, commitment, and productivity by 3x. It will help you
become the employer of choice and fulfill your growth targets.

Free appreciation tool

Whether it’s for a job well done, support during challenging times, a successful project, a quick response to a client request, or even just a speedy expense reimbursement, we’ve got you covered.

Our free Appreciation Cards will let you send a thoughtful acknowledgement of appreciation. So why wait? Give it a try and see the positive impact it can have on your team’s engagement and motivation.

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Employee Appreciation Cards

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