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Create an employee experience that fosters connection and belonging

Whether an organisation is operating under a hybrid model or is fully remote, HR leaders must focus on culture continuity by ensuring employee engagement and belonging are a top priority.

Join us for this Masterclass, where we’ll share how organisations are leveraging their recognition program to support people leaders in capturing feedback, taking action, educating and informing employees. Emma Harvie, Manager Client Services, Achievers and David Bator, VP Marketing & Customer, Achievers will share real world examples and quick wins that will help you empower people leaders to build a feedback driven culture and to create an employee experience that fosters connection and belonging.

Join us to learn:

  • The business impact of feedback and recognition on your Employee Experience journey
  • How organisations have leveraged Feedback to engage, educate and inform employees through surveys, forms, polls and quizzes
  • Tips on how to consolidate feedback and take actions that have a direct impact on engagement using a single unified platform
  • How to do more with less and still elevate the employee experience with regular, immediate, specific and encouraging feedback and recognition


Emma Harvie
Emma Harvie

Manager, Client Services, Achievers

David Bator
David Bator

VP Marketing and Customer, Achievers