Achievers Ranks in Top 10 of Best Workplaces™ Canada List

Achievers also awarded the Respect Award for top scores in professional support, employee involvement in decisions, and care from management

June 4, 2024 – TORONTO – Achievers, the leading recognition and reward platform for employee experience, has been named one of the top 10 Best Workplaces™ by Great Place to Work® Canada. The Best Workplaces™ certification is based on direct feedback from employees about their workplace experience and is compiled by the Great Place to Work® Institute. The program is one of the largest in Canada to recognize exceptional employee experiences, with over 900 organizations considered for the awards.

“Being recognized as a Best Workplace isn’t just an accolade but a testament to putting people at the heart of our organization,” says Jeff Cates, CEO of Achievers. “For us, it’s not about the title but it’s the profound impact on creating an environment where employees can do the best work of their lives.”

The anonymized survey results found that 95% of Achievers employees reported their organization is a great place to work, compared to 60% of employees at a typical Canadian organization. This underscores Achievers’ unwavering commitment to employee engagement, well-being, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and an innovative platform offering. Noteworthy initiatives include paid “recharge days” off and the activation of the Achievers Belonging Model across the organization to help employees feel welcomed, known, included, supported, and connected. Additionally, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) foster vibrant and inclusive employee communities that drive a thriving workplace culture.

Recognized by employees as a place where they feel respected by management, Achievers was awarded by Great Place to Work® as the top workplace for respect, as identified as a pillar of trust in their Trust Model®, a lens for assessing the employee experience of workplaces around the globe. According to the model, employees at Achievers feel respected through professional support, employee involvement in decisions, and care from management.

Achievers was also recognized for its strong workplace culture, which is amplified every day through the use of its own Achievers Employee Experience Platform™. The Achievers platform allows employees to regularly send social and points-based recognitions to their peers for the skills, milestones, accomplishments, and behaviours that drive performance at work. Points-based recognition converts into the employee’s local currency, allowing for the redemption of a reward of their choosing from Achievers’ global marketplace. With over 3 million products and 2,500 global brands, redemption options can range from charitable donations to gift cards and vouchers with well-known brands like Uber for Business, or the conversion of points into currency through a partnership with Revolut. By tying recognition points to rewards that are meaningful to employees, Achievers helps reinforce employee behaviors that are consistent with organizational values to create a culture of engagement.

The Great Place to Work® Canada certification also serves as the prerequisite to qualify for a variety of supplemental awards. In 2024, Achievers is also featured on:

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