Less Than Half of Managers Receive Training to Better Support Employees

Just 48% of managers have received training on coaching, professional development and recognition

TORONTO, Dec. 8, 2020 – Managers are unprepared to support employees and drive employee engagement, according to Achievers, the progressive choice for employee voice and recognition solutions that accelerate a culture of performance. The data is based on a new survey, the Manager Empowerment Report, from Achievers Workforce Institute, which is the research and insights arm of the company.

Based on a survey 2,094 employed respondents, the report finds that less than half of managers (48%) have been trained in key areas such as one-to-one meetings, coaching, recognition, or professional development.

With less than half of employers training managers to coach and lead their teams, according to the survey, it represents a risk area for organizations. Our data shows that manager effectiveness directly impacts employee engagement, with recognition and professional development playing especially big roles in driving effectiveness, –  says Achievers Chief Workforce Scientist Dr. Natalie Baumgartner. Organizations need to offer widespread training to all managers to empower them to better lead their teams. If an organization can empower all their managers to be great leaders, they will see direct business impact at every level.

Manager effectiveness is key for driving employee engagement

The Manager Empowerment Report finds that 95% of respondents who would recommend their manager, a measure of manager effectiveness, also reported being engaged. The opposite was also true. Those who reported being disengaged were six times less likely to say they would recommend their manager.

The top drivers of manager effectiveness included frequent recognition, professional development, strength-based management, and empathic leadership. By training managers in these areas, organizations can improve effectiveness, thereby driving employee engagement throughout the organization.

Report Summary

  • Recognition is one of the biggest predictors of manager effectiveness
    Satisfaction with, and frequency of, recognition is strongly correlated with manager effectiveness. With almost 9 out of 10 (86%) respondents who would recommend their manager also saying they are regularly recognized — it shows that regularly, effective recognition is key to manager effectiveness.
  • Professional development discussion predicts manager effectiveness
    Another top area for driving manager effectiveness is planning and discussing professional development. Just a quarter (27%) of disengaged respondents say that their manager supports their professional development goals, compared to 88% of engaged respondents.
  • Empathic leadership drives manager effectiveness
    We asked respondents if they felt seen and understood as a person by their manager and found that 91% of respondents who would recommend their manager also feel seen and understood as a person. We’re calling this metric empathic leadership. This type of leadership requires understanding your team’s needs and feelings, prioritizing them, and responding individually rather than treating your employees as a generic group that can all be motivated in the same way.

For more information about the Manager Empowerment report and ways to improve employee engagement, download the report today.

This data is based on an internet survey conducted by the Achievers Workforce Institute in September 2020. The sample size included 2,094 respondents.

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