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Taking Your Recognition Strategy From Revive to Thrive

For many organisations, the extraordinary conditions of the pandemic have removed many of the traditional ways recognition is organically exchanged. As the workforce feel the pangs of prolonged social isolation, the climate of uncertainty and lingering disruption, employee burnout and disillusionment are on the rise. Recognising employees for their contributions has never been more imperative.

In this webinar Achievers’ Sonya Cattell and Steve Malduca will provide the blueprint to getting recognition right for the workplace of today and beyond.

Join us to learn:

  • Real examples from some of the world’s most successful organisations on how they have adjusted their recognition strategy since the pandemic
  • Tips and best practices for measuring the ROI of employee recognition
  • How technology can be used to build resilience in recognition strategies


Sonya Cattell
Sonya Cattell

Head of Customer Success, EMEA, Achievers

Steve Malduca
Steve Malduca

Solutions Consulting Director, EMEA, Achievers


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