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Building an Engaged High-Performing and Inspired Workforce

The way we show and receive appreciation differs from person to person across geographies and cultures. While some may love being thanked in front of the entire office, stepping into centre stage while others are less keen on the publicity and attention.

The cultural gap linked to differences in communication, attitudes and behaviours between Asian cultures and their Western counterparts can pose significant challenges for HR in implementing high performing employee engagement programs.

So, how can HR address these fundamental cultural differences among employees and develop programs that can create a sense of belonging?
In this Achievers Masterclass Pi Ken Wong, Chief Human Resource Officer & Communications Officer, Allianz Singapore, Julie Lin, Head of Learning & Development, Moxa, and Pesha Krishnan, Customer Success Manager, Achievers discuss how to authentically recognise your employees – even when they’re not keen on the spotlight.

Join us to learn:

  • Impact of employee recognition strategies; understanding what matters most to your workforce and focusing on recognition programs that align with your organisation’s values and goals
  • Understanding the power of belonging and its role in helping employees feel welcomed, known, included, supported, and connected
  • Tips on fostering a collaborative company culture by understanding employee expectations in diverse and dynamic working environments, building trust & maintaining connection


Pesha Krishnan
Pesha Krishnan

Customer Success Manager, Achievers

Julie Lin
Julie Lin

Head of Learning & Development, Moxa

Pi Ken Wong
Pi Ken Wong

Chief Human Resource Officer & Communications Officer, Allianz Singapore


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