The Art of Appreciation: Top-Tier Employee Recognition

Why Should You Care

Recognition technologies and tactics have become increasingly popular with HR professionals and business leaders – for a reason. Recognition has been directly aligned with driving employee performance, realizing corporate objectives, reducing turnover and increasing employee engagement rates.

Recent research collected by Aberdeen Group highlights how the recognition tools and technologies are what in fact separates Best-in-Class companies from the rest. Instead of relying on a competitive salary offering, these companies have realized that when employees are supported and appreciated with top-tier recognition, capability and productivity increases. Social recognition – that which comes from managers, colleagues and customers alike – are proving to empower employees to recognize one another for great work, breeding a culture of recognition in the company.

In This Report

In this report, The Art of Appreciation: Top-Tier Employee Recognition, Aberdeen Group reveals the commonality among all Best-in-Class businesses: commitment to recognition. Download the report to learn how top-tier recognition, and specifically recognition technologies, can dramatically impact your employee engagement rates and bottom line.