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A market-leading recognition platform that empowers your employees to recognize personal and professional wins – all complemented by a best-in-class rewards marketplace.

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How employee recognition drives engagement

Meaningful recognition is the #1 driver of employee connection – and the foundation of building an engagement program that drives tangible business outcomes.

Employees are


more likely to be engaged and productive when recognized frequently.

Organizations highly effective at increasing engagement see a


reduction in voluntary turnover.

Disengaged workers had


higher absenteeism,


more accidents,



more errors.

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Recognize whenever, wherever, and however you want

Whether it’s on a smartphone or desktop, remote or in-office – give your employees the flexibility to recognize wherever they’re at from the applications they already use like Slack, Outlook, Teams, and more.

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Employee recognition platform features

Social Recognition

Leverage our software to empower employees across the organization to recognize wins, no matter how big or small. With remote, hybrid, in-person, and offline workers sending over 17M+ recognitions per year over our platform – reinforce a culture of belonging in the workplace through high-frequency recognition.

Social Recognition Software
Points-Based Recognition
Points-Based Recognition

Points-Based Recognition

Motivate employees to live your company values through points-based recognition software. Employees can send and collect points that can be stored in their personal points balance and redeemed for rewards that are meaningful to them.

Best-in-Class Rewards

Our software allows your workforce to redeem points for merchandise, experiences, gift cards, and more from over 2,500 brands. Reward items are available in nearly 190 countries, shipped by our local fulfillment partners around the world.

best in class employee rewards Software
Engagement you can measure

Engagement you
can measure 

  • Our customers see success in employee engagement and retention, you can too. Using our measuring tools, you’re able to report on the success of your program.
  • Lean on our team to strategize and optimize your program based on your unique business goals.
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3.6x more likely to recognize versus our competitors

Our track record is clear – employees using our platform are 3.6x more likely to send multiple recognitions compared to our competitors.

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3.6x more likely to recognize versus our competitors
3.6x more likely to recognize versus our competitors

Achievers employee experience platform™

Unify your employee experience with a centralized engagement hub

Recognize is part of a suite of engagement solutions all embedded into one powerful engagement platform.

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Customer service

24-hour support in 120 languages

As a 26-time Stevie Award winner for customer service, there’s a reason why Achievers has a 98% customer satisfaction rate and a 95% customer retention rate – we care about your success.

 2021 Sales & Customer Service Award 2020 Sales & Customer Service Award 2019 Sales & Customer Service Award

Customer Care

Gain the peace of mind that your employees are well taken care of with our 24/7 multi-channel support to 2M+ users located in over 150 countries and territories.

Customer Care

Professional Services

Leave the details to us. From kick-off to go live, we’ll guide you through the entire implementation process – all tailored to your unique needs.

Professional Services

Customer Success

Get one-on-one guidance from a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will work with you to develop and monitor program goals, metrics, and KPI’s.

Customer Success


The latest scoop on rewards and recognition

Stay up to date on emerging rewards and recognition trends that will help drive employee belonging at the workplace – all backed by workforce science and first-party research conducted by our research arm, the Achievers Workforce Institute.


How to Get Your Recognition Program Right

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From Day One


Recognition and Retention Tour

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The Gratitude Gap: 2023 State of Recognition Report

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Achievers Recognize™?

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Achievers Recognize™ is an employee recognition software that empowers people leaders and employees to recognize and reward personal and professional wins with social and monetary recognitions. Part of the Achievers Employee Experience Platform™, Recognize™ includes access to a best-in-class rewards marketplace where employees can redeem points for items that are meaningful to them. Whether it’s on a smartphone or desktop, remote or in-office – employees have the flexibility to recognize and redeem rewards wherever they’re at, using the tools they already use.

What is an employee recognition platform?

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Employee recognition software is used to engage employees and improve company culture by helping employees and managers recognize workplace successes and important milestones across an organization. It is also a tool through which recognitions can be aligned with company values, and the attitudes and attributes the organization wishes to reinforce. This type of software has the ability to track and measure employee satisfaction and engagement levels at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

Who uses an employee recognition platform?

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There are many organizations who use an employee recognition platform to improve morale and make employees feel appreciated, as well as foster a sense of belonging at work. Types of organizations who use employee recognition software include:
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Financial services
  • Professional services
  • Energy services
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Companies with offline workers
  • Companies with both online and offline workers
Learn more about the diverse organizations leveraging the Achievers employee recognition software.

How do I set up employee recognition platform?

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To set up employee recognition platform, you first need to think about the goals and desired outcomes of your employee engagement program and the types of recognition you will include (social, monetary, peer-to-peer). An employee recognition platform is an important factor in business success. Frequent, in-the-moment recognition lets employees know their efforts are appreciated, and employees produce better work when they are recognized for it. And, employees are more likely to repeat the behaviors that are recognized and rewarded, helping to reinforce company values and culture. Here are the top 7 actions to take when setting up an employee recognition platform program:
  • Design the program
  • Set objectives
  • Align with the company culture
  • Outline policies
  • Align globally
  • Introduce the program
  • Measure the results

What is the best employee recognition platform?

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The best employee recognition software in 2024 promotes high-frequency, high-impact recognitions that drives a sense of belonging and leads ultimately to business outcomes. With a 93% employee adoption rate, the Achievers platform has the highest active usage and adoption rate in the industry. Users of the Achievers platform are 3.6x more likely to recognize multiple times per month compared to competitors resulting in higher employee engagement and productivity. Since the Achievers recognition software is part of the larger Achievers Employee Experience Platform, employees get access to a best-in-class marketplace consisting of 3M+ reward options and 2,500 global brands. By tying recognition points to rewards, employees can redeem for rewards that are meaningful to them, while at the same time reinforcing behavior that is consistent with their organization’s values.

What are the main features of an employee recognition platform?

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The main features of an employee recognition platform consists of:
  • Social recognition: the ability to recognize peers for wins, no matter how big or small
  • Points-based recognition: allows employees to send and collect points that can be redeemed for rewards that are meaningful to them
  • Newsfeed: a personalized newsfeed of recognitions, upcoming celebrations, and company news that are relevant to the employee
  • Boost: multiply the impact of recognition with a one-click boost to an existing recognition sending the recipient extra points
  • Rewards marketplace: a marketplace where your employees are able to redeem points for reward options that are meaningful to them
  • Mobile-first platform: seamless cross-platform experiences including a responsive site, mobile apps (iPhone, Android), push notifications, and Single Sign-On login
  • API and integrations: ready-to-use integrations and open API framework to seamlessly integrate recognition into the daily flow of work

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