The greatness gap: The state of employee disengagement

Why Should You Care

The overwhelming majority of businesses today are still practicing outdated recognition strategies—if any at all. Old habits continue to prevail, and recognition is only doled out by leaders once, or a few times, per year, even though employees have indicated that they prefer to receive frequent, timely and specific feedback. As a result, workforces are disengaged, employees’ performance is lackluster and turnover is at an all-time high. In other words, the greatness gap is one of the biggest problems that business leaders face today.

How can companies address this challenge? Bersin by Deloitte found that for organizations where recognition occurs, employee engagement, productivity and customer service are approximately 14 percent better than companies without recognition. An engaged workforce is a powerful workforce, and leaders must evaluate their recognition strategies and ask themselves if they are meeting the needs of their workforce.

In This Whitepaper

In our 2015 North American workforce Report, The greatness gap: The state of employee disengagement, we’ll take a look at the overwhelming feedback employees revealed about their company’s vision and values, culture, leadership and retention rates. From there, we’ll explore what’s missing and share recommendations for how your company can bridge the greatness gap today.