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  1. Liked all the points you mentioned in the post especially the first one. evaluating the candidate at the very beginning is must. Online pre-assessment tools are very helpful in this. Keep sharing the worthy content.

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  2. I believe the best way is to see the leaders of an organization, their behavior elaborates a perfect example of organizational culture. Culture travels from upper management to lower management and if an organization is having a strong culture then it does not even require a set of formal rules about how to conduct and what are the boundaries. Many organizations use their culture to greatly influence how people behave in an organization.

  3. Thanks for pointing out that openness and flexibility in leadership are important aspects of a company’s culture. My husband’s boss has been very resistant to change in the way the company does things. There’s a lot of potential benefits they’ve missed out on because the leadership is inflexible. I think they could really benefit from leadership training to help them be more open to change.

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  4. According to my experience, the best way to achieve company trust and culture is by using communication. It plays an important role when it comes to long term investment. It not only affects your company reputation, but it also plays an important role in development. I will definitely try your questions that you’ve mentioned.

  5. This article is really amazing, but i’m not getting along with my HR. Why not! i don’t, i think HR’s act like same all around the world. I will read your HR guide next. Keep sharing quality info. Cheers!

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