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Announcing Revolut: Achievers’ latest rewards differentiator

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Achievers has long been a leader in recognition and rewards, offering a robust marketplace of over 2,500 brands across 150 countries. With a commitment to innovating a premier rewards experience for its users, Achievers has announced a partnership with Revolut — a global digital, reloadable, and flexible rewards solution.

Partnership puts Achievers’ rewards experience ahead of the rest

With this partnership, Achievers becomes the first and only employee recognition platform to offer Revolut as a rewards option.

This exclusive new program feature enables employees using the Achievers platform to enjoy the flexibility of converting their recognition points into a digital, reloadable, multi-currency account that enables them to redeem for whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want it.

Revolut delivers a truly differentiated rewards experience. Supporting over 28 currencies across multiple locations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific, Revolut’s reach is worldwide. Available for iOS and Android devices with 5-star app ratings, it’s also mobile pay friendly and outfitted with award-winning anti-fraud systems. And for the budget-conscious, Revolut helps employees manage their money with spending alerts and round-up savings.

Adding to an already incredible rewards experience

The Achievers Marketplace is an exciting and dynamic digital shopping experience with rewards that are second to none. Whether you’re looking for retail merchandise, a functional home improvement item, the latest tech must-have, or a one-of-a-kind experience, the Marketplace is a premium shopping and rewards destination.

The addition of Revolut will further bolster the Achievers rewards experience in 3 key ways:

  1. Universal and instant access
    Employees may open a Revolut account and convert their Achievers points into multiple currencies within minutes.
  2. Regionalized offers
    Employees around the world will have access to special features, such as budget management tools and personalized discounts.
  3. Simplified goal reach
    No hidden fees and excellent exchange rates means that money can be spent, sent, or withdrawn with ease — to/from anywhere.

The benefits of a better rewards experience

Reward selection is only part of the journey. Achievers continues to focus on the holistic rewards experience — from the moment a recognition is sent and points awarded, to the excitement of choosing the perfect reward, and the thrill of receiving it.

Achievers customers understand the importance of recognizing top performance and desired employee behaviors. As a platform, Achievers provides a solution through which success is celebrated and loyalty is nurtured with a rewards experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Consider how Achievers and Revolut can elevate your employee recognition and rewards experience. Get the full story and all of the exciting new launch and product details.

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