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  1. It’s interesting and exciting to see a large-scale company like Scotiabank use an employee recognition program with great success. The Pay it Forward campaign seemed to really get colleagues to applaud one another and recognize the positives going on in the workplace. I am curious how the point recognition system that was mentioned works. Do employees only receive points if they receive recognition, or can they earn points for recognizing their colleagues as well? It seems there could be some employees who get more points than others if there was not a system set in place, so I’d be interested in hearing what that system is like!

  2. Pay It Forward sounds like a great way to build recognition as a habit. It would be interesting to know if recognitions remained elevated and for what period after the campaign.

    1. Thank you Lisa for reading and sharing your comment! To learn more about Scotiabank’s recognition journey, check out this webinar recording on Using Recognition to Drive Engagement – A Best Practice Guide with Scotiabank:

      Also, you might enjoy reading our recent article recognizing Sandra Garcia of General Motors. She shares advice for HR professionals and her personal story:

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